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Ok, I’m just curious...what is the absolute lowest temperature and windchill you have seen?

Mine is -52C with -30C windchill during a blizzard. That’s like South Pole cold. I was at spences in FM about 55-60 days into a custom game with max bad weather everything.

I play on Xbox so I can’t post screens but if you got them post them.

Also, any cool survival stories regarding cold?

My most recent cold drama: was approaching the plane crash in MT when I decided to hunt the plethora of bunnies in that big clearing with the marsh in the middle and the rock in the middle. Even though I’ve got the wildlife spawn WAY down 6 of the little guys spawned there. So I got to bow hunting, my favorite way of leveling archery....

Got all 6, but it was then almost night, I was freezing, and then of course the blizzard happens. Now I had lots of coal 8-10 pieces and like 4 cedar logs. I was able to start a fire in a sheltered nook, then laid out the bear roll. It was a long blizzard, lasted around 10 hours, basically all night. I knew the wind shift would happen and that was the part I was scared of. But the wind was blowing diagonal towards my nook, I’d positioned the fire just right to be sheltered from it. I had to build it up cause the temps are getting to -50 without wind sometimes now. So if my fire went out I’d die. Oh, I had been mauled by a wolf too that day so I only had half health and torn clothes.

I stayed up most of the night, alternating between cooking rabbit, boiling water, repairing clothes, and making tea. I used the bonus in warmth from the tea continuously throughout the night. Towards the end, when I had the red eye of exhaustion, I slept an hour, woke up made tea, then slept more. I had to go till about noon doing this cause cold. 

Came out of it with 6 cooked and harvested rabbits, 95%+ clothes, most of health back, and had 2 logs and 2 coal still. Enough to make fire while I looted the plane crash site.


I won the windshift gamble, it had shifted putting the nook in the lee of the wind. Phew!


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Hmm, putting the (admittedly important) windchill aside, -52 celcius as itself is not really South pole temperature, even I have witnessed that back in 1999. And we still had to go to school in that lol... Even though the bus broke down and we had to get another. Now, in my childhood it often maxed out at -40 to 45 in January/February (these days the max can be as meager as 35 there), but that one year, we got there. Anyway IIRC over at Siberia it goes beyond -60 every winter, I even remember some near 70 figures?

Going back to the game, the scariest/best scenarios with the cold weather and/or blizzard on top of it always come in areas where you don't have much cover to speak of, so HRV especially. And Bleak Inlet definitely is the coldest of the bunch, even more than TWM, although the indoor places compensate for it. I think some of the coldest temps I have witnessed were at the BI lookout

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