Wrong Translation's - where do i Post them ?


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yep! I am collecting translation needs via email at info at hinterlandgames dot com :)

Isn't it counter-productive to collect those per email?

We already have a bug reporting section, why not collect them there?

How are people supposed to know which translation issues have already been reported?

How can we keep track of those suggestions?

At least now I understand why suggestions for the translation in these forums don't make it into the releases. :(

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It's for ease of organization on our end as the developers working on the specific translation issues are not in the forums in the same as those for general bug reports. We do have all this posted on steam in the workshop announcement as well and most translation questions come through Steam - which means using email to gather further details.

Info here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =385849929

Sorry if that has caused any confusion.

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