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The fog is tied to real time.
Sleeping, crafting, passing time is tied to game and real time.
Sleep for 10 hours takes 5 deconds of real time.
Before leaving any area stop and sleep to get fully rested before moving into the next area. Even if the fog is at 99%. It just effects your ability to see.
So even if it's at 100% you can pick up your sleeping bag. Take 2 steps and your out of the area.
It is a strategy to take as much time as you can in an area but if your just trying to get achievment. Keep on the move.

Pick a path from entry to exit. Pass by the fire, cook food water craft orginize your gear to lighten the load as much a possilbe.
Keeping bandages for sprains and blood loss, always need to be able to run. I ignored the pain and trugded on.
The main things to pick up are food, water, flares. A log or 2 some sticks along the way, coal is a better replacement when you see it, as you may need to start a fire to sleep but only keep enough for the amount of time you need to sleep. Don't carry enough for 2 fires. You can always grab more.

Run sparingly like your just doing a light jog. If you run as much as the game allows you'll be encumbered to much to make it to the exit and a good place to sleep before you get there.
Where you can sleep safely, pick up your bedroll and leave. If you need to double back through a zone like Forlong Muskeg, Mystery Lake.
Get through so when you come back you'll have some time before the fog sets in.
For Mystery lake I came in from the ravine. Sticking to the left along the river and bypassed the green fire. Allowing me to stop at it on the way back before heading into the dam. The fire will go out in 15 minutes if you use it. Also drop any items near the exit to pick up on the way back. Sticks, cans, pot etc. That doesn't mean you have more extra space to carry.
It just means you'll be lighter and use less energy in the next area.

Maybe run ahead to get to a car, house, camp trailer, but don't spend all day in there looting everything. Check a cabinet or 2, a drawer. 1st food item you find. Get out and keep moving. Always stay on route. The shortest distance between entry and exit is optimal to complete the challenge.
I used 3 wards as lures in the caves and 1 other behind the dam. Other than I had 8 or so extra cans.
It may spawn in front of you so I would find an intersection. Walk back around 2-250 feet. Spray the lure and wait in the side tunnel.
As soon as the lure dissapears meaning it found it. Then start running.

I didn't think I would be able to do it. Survived 20 minutes 1st try then almost 3 hours and got 6 pages till the wolf got me in Pleasant valley.
The lighter you keep your load the less energy you use and the more you can keep going.

Remember you can hit escape to pause and think about your next move.
You can find maps on steam and wiki to help.

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