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I have yet to die, but I wanted to log my progress so far:

I chose to begin at DP.  The game put me at the Blocked Highway with the campfire near The Riken.  Not much problem reaching it, stopping at Matt's Truck along the way.  Didn't bother entering The Riken.  On to Hibernia Processing, where I ran thru, lighting matches to loot some much-needed supplies.  As the 15-minute DarkWalker (DW as I prefer to call it) timer was already expired, I decided to use the Abandoned Mine No. 5 shortcut to the Old Island Connector.  Using one of my precious flares, I looted the Mine as I went.

OIC was uneventful, but DW was on my heels so I had no time to loot anything and high-tailed it through to CH.

Once I reached CH, I quickly checked my map and saw my next campfire was near JackRabbit Island.  I had put some distance between DW and myself, so looted the car and headed to the Waterfront Cottages to hopefully find some better clothes and some much needed rest.  I was able to catch a few Z's before DW alert popped up.  I headed over to Misanthrope's, did a quick loot of the place and continued on to JR, where I looted the 2nd fire and caught a few Zs.  Looted JR, headed to Fishing Camp and quickly looted.  Here's where I had to change my plans.  I didn't think I would have enough time to get to Cinder Hills Coal Mine (and on to PV), so instead, I hit the cabin up from FC, BC CG, Rabbit Grove, up the creek to the corpse by the bridge.  Having some spare time and DW proximity, I went over to the trailer at Train Unloading, looted it, rested a bit and exited to the Ravine.

I wanted to hit Bleak Inlet anyways, so here was my chance.  DW was getting really closs as I crossed the trestle. Based upon distance, I could tell he was down in the ravine.  How was I supposed to reach the transition to BI?  I lengthened my distance from him, rested in the cave and decided this would be a good spot to paint my first Lure glyph.  It worked great.  I had found a rope so rappelled down into the Ravine, looted the railcar, rested a bit in the cave near the transition to BI until DW approached again.  On to BI!

As I entered BI, I seemed to be drawing closer to DW and I moved towards my destination of the Pensive Lookout.  The campfire was located on the bridge to the cannery.  As I eventually put some distance between DW and myself, a Timberwolf pack aggroed me.  I had 2 marine flares saved.  Popping one, I managed to get to the lookout, looted it just as DW began approaching again.  With a pack a wolves still waiting for me down the hill and DW coming for me, I jimmied down the hill hoping to attach my rope I found at the lookout to the rock to rappel down.  After 3 wolves took bites out of me, I attached the rope and began my descent.  At the bottom, as I began moving towards the bridge, another pack came at me.  I popped my 2nd flare.  I was getting tired and the wolves were on my heels as my last flare was burning low.  As I got to the truck with a little flare left, the wolves called off their attack - Lucky me!  With a break in the action, I decided to head to the Cannery Worker Residences to rest and heal since I had lost 50% of my health.  After some much needed rest and healing, I was rejuvenated and headed to the bridge.  I looted the campfire, rested a couple hours to top off my fatigue.  Finding another marine flare, I decided to check the cannery for wolves.  Approaching cautiously, I didn't see any..hmm...they always seem to be there.  "Lucky, I guess!" I told myself.  As I approached the trailer, yup, 3 puppies waiting for me.  Sprinted to the trailer and got inside before they nipped my heels.  Rested a bit, looted and DW warning popped up.  Lit another marine flare I had found, in anticipation of my welcoming party outside, but they had gone.  Maybe DW scared them off?  Waste of a good flare...  Given my fog timer, I decided it was time to stop playing with the wildlife and book it over to the Forlorn Muskeg transition.  Looted the Washed-out Trailer on the way.  Found another flare, which I needed since I ran into yet a 4th pack of TWs at the Delta.  Managed to run to the transition before the flare ran out with the wolves on my heels.

Through the cave on to FM.  Managed to catch a few winks on the grass mat.

Exiting the cave into FM, the fire was just SouthEast of the Poacher's Camp.  I knew I may come across weak ice if I headed straight there so chose to hug the West wall.  Shortly after beginning my journey, I heard the all-too-familiar bark of a wolf.  Now, normally, I would welcome an easy meal, but I had things to do so chose to ignore it.  It trailed me for quite some time before giving up the chase.  I made it to the fire to be rewarded by seeing a hefty chest sitting next to it.  Inside, among other things, was a bearskin bedroll - no thank you - too much weight.  Rested a bit, taking advantage of the ward, then headed to Poacher's Camp.  Hung out there a while to make some water (glad some coal was lying about!).  Rested until my buddy's alert came up.  Time to head out!  On to Mystery Lake.

Upon entering, another darn wolf.  Once again, I skirted him enough to have him trail me to the Camp Office.  Barely had time to look around before DW alert!  Back out to be greeted by the friendly bark.  Trailed the wolf to the fire (which was located at the Derailment).  As I approached the fire, I noticed a rifle lying nearby.  Lo and behold, a 2nd wolf approached from the opposite direction as the one that had been trailing me.  Enough of this!  I picked up the rifle, loaded the 5 rounds I had acquired into it and aimed at 2nd wolf.  Yelped and ran off.  1st wolf continued to approach from the other end so I lined up my sights, wolf charge, my aim was true.  One down.  Went back to the fire to regroup and repair some worn clothes but the 2nd wolf never came back.  Looted the railcar and began heading towards my next destination - Milton.  DW alert!  Oh, and as I went down the tracks, he got closer and closer.  300, 200, 150, okay...I was able to head off towards Unnamed Pond as the distance meter began growing...Phew...closest call yet.  Bypassed Unnamed Pond and the nearby cabin due to proximity and headed straight for Trapper's Homestead - need some rest.  Got a few winks before the ding!  Off to Milton.

Through the cave it seemed like the DW was getting closer and closer.  Am I going to get through this cave?  First time I had gotten close enough for the "Fear" warning and damaged health.  I charged on and, thankfully, the distance meter once again began increasing.  Exiting into Mountain Town, I typically will rest at the cave before attempting the rope climb - not this time!  Don't even have time to loot the cave - keep movin'!  At the rope, chug one of my 2 cups of coffee and make the climb.  I'm able to rest a full 8 hours at the picnic area hut.  No time to loot before DW is at me again.  I see the fire near Paradise Meadows Farm.  I hightail there and find the fire on hill overlooking the farm.  Note #6 and achievement!!  I find a Fisherman's Sweater (cha-ching!) at the fire.  I'm actually really well off at this point.  I may have enough MT fog time to get to HRV then back to FM and on to BRR.  I could be hard-pressed to get back through FM, ML and into PV.  We'll see...

Moving on towards HRV, I don't see my fog timer...hmm...onwards!

Thanks for reading.


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