Changed region and this did nothing


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Hi, just played Darkwalker, I managed to change region (through a cave) before being killed, but when in the new region, Darkwalker came close in a few minutes. This way I don't see how it is possible to do anything in the game... And this is unlike what was said in the dev diary, changing region was supposed to help us escape! Here it just did nothing. A bug?

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I got the impression that it follows you in real time/line of sight. There were times he'd be right on me and I'd stumble down and embankment and sprint until my stamina was out. It felt like I lost him afterwards. And when I entered the next zone it took him a bit to find me. 

But then at the end of my run he was on my tail in the mine and when I transitioned into DP he was still on my ass, so I think he just, follows you? Instead of him resetting randomly in each zone as you enter, which I like. This way even after you've evaded him, you've got a general idea of where he is on the map.


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When the Darkwalker chased me from Pleasant Valley into Cinder Hills.  It was not really close, probably down towards Thomson's Crossing (I hope).  But when I came out into Coastal Highway the darn DW was on the snow road maybe (I forget) like 80 meters away.  I dropped a lure and moved down the road then off to one side (I do not know if I could survive being in the path of the DW while it was heading to a lure) and got past it.  This was the beginning of the end for my condition was down to <5% and I had to use  a stim to get back enough condition to be able to move in a straight-line.  It finally got me in the connecting link to Desolation.  I was out of energy and out of time and out of options. 

Later I wondered where the DW would have spawned in Cinder Hills if I had ducked back into the mine.   Obviously, if it spawned in the entrance area I was done, but if it spawned in the middle of the mine, I had more options.  If I try the event again and get into a similar situation I'll have to try it.  I hope I remember and am not too flustered. 😓

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