Custom setup for an (almost) desert island


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Hey all, since there are people here with many hours and a lot of experience in this game, maybe someone can help me in this matter. Since TLD allows for custom difficulty, I'd like to try a new challenge outside of the set difficulties and create a new mode in which resources are lacking as Interloper but where fauna is also scarce. That is to say, a desert region in every way. What changes would you make to custom mode to achieve this?

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Set overall resources to Low.  This gives you the Interloper version (no knives or hatchets, limited clothing options).  You'll have to make all that stuff.  You can decide if you want to add rifles or revolvers in separate settings.   

With wildlife, you have options to set them to low spawn chance and also adjust the respawn time to very high.  In addition, you have the option to have the overall population diminish over time.  You can also adjust the range at which wildlife can detect you.  Setting this to long range will make hunting more difficult.  Another thing you might consider related to this is to have passive wildlife with long range detection.  Much less danger for you, but you'll have to be a bit more sneaky with your hunting, since everything will flee as you approach.  I've done a few custom games like this, and had some cold and starvation trouble in the early game to be sure.  Get good at long range rabbit hunting with stones.  😉

Plants can be set to low as well.

Additional note:  Fishing spawn chance set to low can be interesting.  You have to catch fish to get the skill up, but at low setting, it can take many hours to get anything at all.  If your weather is cold, that means lots of firewood and time.  Using a whole day to gather wood and fish and get almost nothing is a costly mistake in the early game.  

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