Curing Guts and Hides


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I was recently in the derailed train (FM map) and was wondering why guts and hides where not curing, then I figured it's too cold I guess? But surely they would if placed close enough near the 200 gallon drum Fire?

nope :( !

Yet I can place my clothes next to the fire to dry them, or even cook a can of food if close enough.
Hopefully one day I might be able to cure hides and guts if placed close enough to a fire??

screen_(1112, -128, 977)_46afc14c-0611-4bb3-9dad-0056662e90a6.png

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Only indoor locations work.  Curing isn't so much a function of heat as it is evaporation.  Something can cure in a cold, arid environment faster than a warm, humid one for instance.  So you need to bring them someplace more arid for them to cure.  In game terms, that means the back of a cave, or any indoor location that involves an area transition. There are a couple exceptions to this--the Mountaineer's Hut and the enclosed back porch of the Pleasant Valley Farmstead both count as indoors and will cure gut/hide, despite lacking an area transition.

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