First Bear Attack

Sir Loin1557

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Newly obsessed with how fascinating and addicting this game is. It was Day 103 on my second Survival mode attempt, it had been going well for me. Prior home base was PV Farmhouse, But wanted something greater. Have heard about the Mountaineers Hut And decided to embark from my current base at Paradise in MT up to the Hut.

On my journey through PV a blizzard hit as night was  approaching and I was so close to TWM I decided to press on. Sleeping by a fire, night fell and I needed an actual shelter. While walking west of the Derelict cabins in pitch black, snow began pouring down and then I hear the roar. Not knowing where it came from I just started firing and tried to run. The Bear got me and as it walked away I bandaged the wound and slowly began to walk away towards TWM. I try to draw my revolver and it isn’t there?!?

So now I’m terrified because a bear is walking around strapped and ready for seconds.

I go up to the rope and make my way to Mountaineers Hut where I plan for a peaceful endgame. Do bears normally steal your weapons? 



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50 minutes ago, Sir Loin1557 said:

 Do bears normally steal your weapons? 


but they sure like to beat the crap outta ya and then you either drop what your holding or the brute knocks it outta your pack.    your pistol is probably laying close by where you got your butt munched and maybe something else may have jarred loose as well.  Back track if you can to where you were jumped and retrieve your gear but keep the high ground and stay low to avoid that patrolling bear.  

But if your not so inclined, there is a cave near the PV/TWM transition area by the waterfall.  In the back of the cave  behind an underground waterfall is a little room.  Often that room has a pistol or a rifle and a few boxes of ammo as well as some food.  Good luck !

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