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  1. heated coats that work during aurora....youre really reaching for the stars here
  2. Alcohol would emininate cabin fever risk but increase dehydration, vision, and hypothermia i guess
  3. In response to Nordique, you talked about toilet water. Do you ever notice theres no water inside the bowl when you take water from it? There is about 1+ gallons of potable water in the toilet, not in the bowl, but lift the lid on the backside and the water is perfectly fine to drink even irl.
  4. "They did allow drinking unclean water from toilet tanks, so that shows you that they can do things like that, and they should. " In response to Pocho, all toilets have about 1+ gallon of clean drinking water in their toilet. Not in the bowl, notice when you take water from toilets there's never water in the bowl. Its under the lid on the back of the toilet and potable. So yea realism is a part of this game, take a cup and try some
  5. So 3 people could hunt and one could tend to a fire all day, no thanks. Devs said no multiplayer and I agree, game would get way too easy
  6. Bump up your difficulty setting, if you dont know what else to do. Thats the clue, i skipped Stalker and went to Loper, but I wouldnt recommend that.
  7. Cant forget about blackrock! Def believe PM and Blackrock are the next two add ons, one of which next to Desolation Point.
  8. 1. They didnt want the ability to build bases, animal skin tent isnt bad idea though 2. You want more hatchets and knives? they already have those, how well of a craftsman do you think a pilot is? 3. Making a map takes enough time, especially a city map. This is run down island, no city will end up here 4.Devs said they will never add multiplayer so... 8.Rock caches are a way to store items outside 11. Cant jump because theres so much snow everywhere 12. Sled is something we've wanted but we don't know if itll ever happen
  9. I’d like to add to the list an old rundown ski resort with Swiss chalets, ice rink, target practice area, hiking trails, and a possible ski lift that runs during queues to get to a stocked ski patrol cabin
  10. Difficulty would be intermittent to advanced because of the possible loot scattered throughout. I think it would be an aspect of Great Bear we haven’t seen yet with plenty of options toy around with. The ski lift would only be usable and provide a shortcut option, no other perks about it. If you have an ideas toward this I’m interested. This is something I’ve thought of which I had hoped Ash Canyon had but just another mine area.
  11. It doesn’t need to be massive or Grand or high tech by any means. A ski resort Long Dark style, run down, empty cupboards, wolves lurking outside, beautiful sights, and surprises everywhere. Ski Resort Tourism, a part of Great Bear no one would expect from the condition it is currently.
  12. Yes, it is an abandoned ski resort. Reminiscent of a stronger time on Great Bear. You could call it retro or from the 80s, whichever you’d like. The resort would be somewhat run down . It wouldn’t need to be massive but at least be the main feature of a map like Hibernia is.
  13. It is Christmas time and I am thankful for the new map, but I’m a dreamer and there is something in a map I feel is missing and I would like in my wishlist for the next addition. I should preface this by saying I am fan of this game and believe it does not get enough attention and should be recognized as such a complex and beautiful game. Preferably not another dead end map, I think I can speak for many others. But the general theme would be a somewhat small abandoned (perhaps off-season) ski resort. Included would be a cafeteria/restaurant with a locked fridge/freezer
  14. Newly obsessed with how fascinating and addicting this game is. It was Day 103 on my second Survival mode attempt, it had been going well for me. Prior home base was PV Farmhouse, But wanted something greater. Have heard about the Mountaineers Hut And decided to embark from my current base at Paradise in MT up to the Hut. On my journey through PV a blizzard hit as night was approaching and I was so close to TWM I decided to press on. Sleeping by a fire, night fell and I needed an actual shelter. While walking west of the Derelict cabins in pitch black, snow began pouring down and then I