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Im not the first to think about this option but pretty sure that nobody commented about it here yet.

Most of us,  veteran players, feel that we need more regions, more places to explore to keep having fun, but this feeling will come back after a couple of months when you know all the secrets of that new place... so, what if a new survival mode could be a completly random world? As an interloper player, every time i´ll  start a new game i wont know where the matches, hacksaw and heavy hammer are, only that would be great, but also you cant be sure that you are safe in that path so need to watchout for bears and torches/flares could be a must to avoid wolves fights. Charchoal and the new sprays paint would be extremally usefull (they are completly useless for veteran players).  
Of course, a random world need to have a couple of regions, or maybe could be a colosal only-region and after a 50 or 100 days player could be boring... but no problem, start a new run and it will be a completly new adventure!

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