Unofficial Ideas for page 100 of screenshots thread

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Every so often, I'll visit some of the back pages of the Share Your Screenshots thread, and I always find something great.  Funny, weird, or just a pretty picture. 

Would anyone be interested in using the soon to be page 100 as a greatest hits gallery?  My thought was that posters would quote screenshots from as near or far back as they want, but only those originally posted by someone else.  So don't choose your own shots.  :coffee:  Perhaps also, if posters quoted only one shot at a time, it would give a more showcased look.  Good captions, comments & wisecracks to be included, of course. 😉:huntingknife:🦨    If the idea's a dud, that's fine.   I'll probably start digging out a few and quote them anyway, because hey, why not?

Any other ideas for the 3 digit milestone?

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