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  1. got it now, thanks tho I had to look through aLL the game files to find it haha
  2. New event sounds great! does fire do anything against the Darkwalker?
  3. wow! amazing. I'm posting one of mine on here later, but this is so much better than mine. also reposting is ok, with credit or say that you don't know who the artist is
  4. she did for a little bit, my uncle is into buying and selling games, they had it at one point and she had a couple of pilgrim saves. if she comes over we sometimes play together but not so much anymore sadly.
  5. so I don't know if this is a thing already, (someone please link it if it is) but i think having a place where we could all share our TLD-inspired artwork would be good. I'll start (not mine, this is a painting that my aunt did for me for my birthday last year, I have posted it already)
  6. I tend to switch between absolutely loving TLD Subnautica and Below Zero ARK survival evolved I also play Undertale every now and again and Just Shapes And Beats (play this one on switch) is another good one.
  7. So I play on pc - microsoft store, and i was just wondering if I buy the time capsule on steam can I play it still? Is it even still a thing?
  8. At the last rope to twm summit, red energy stat. I was like ok, just stop on the ledge, it'll be fine. It was not. I fell, taking most of my condition, then I tripped over a rock and died of 'massive internal injuries after falling' It was the first time I ever came that close, but i have since managed to make it all the way up.
  9. That roar that the bears do just before they charge. Had my first encounter with an aurora bear during episode 3. Scared the hell out of me. Saying that though, I got into a weird cave spot and it ran off.
  10. Thank you so much! Hopefully this works, if it does you've saved me hours
  11. Ok so, bought The Long Dark for switch, yesterday I beat episode 1, tried to progress through the cave (Minor spoilers from here) But when i went through, it didn't show the bear attack cutscene, it just transitioned into mystery lake. I've tried restarting, new playthrough, and nothing works. Anyone having the same issue / got a fix?