Are these bears on steroids?


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Playing as a Maple Syrup Hunter, and honestly, this is fun. -10C is not too bad, with decent clothing. Wind is annoying, especially, if you try to barbique your wolf outside, or boil some water.

BUT these bears on Winter's Embrace. My lvl 4 Archery skills and head shots are nothing to them!
Picture this, arriveing into the Fishing Camp from ML. Dressed in this seasons Wolf Coat, Deer pants and boots. Some bunny fur on your head and hands. Before you can drop your sticks to the ground, you hear a bear crowling. I call it The Old Iron Side, commemorating Oliver Cromwell, not USS Constitution, because he is vicious as OC used to be. You slowly take your bow, aim carefully to head and release - a head shot, you even see blod pursting from beasts head. Strategical retreat to the nearest hut, play solitaire like 2 hours to be on safe side and exit. You can't hear crows. Walking causiously all over the area and trying to find the dead bear. You end up to small field near it's lair. And there it is, not dead, but very much alive, and running towards you. It starts mauling you, and you can see your arrow sticking from it's mouth. Just before passing out, you longingly remember the time, when A HEADSHOT AND 1 HRS BLEEDING, was enough to kill a bear. Some bandage and an other strategic retreat. Scarred self-esteem and torn furs will be fixed. Next day you find Old Iron Side's boby stone dead in Fishing camp

Few game days later at the other end of CH you shoot your arrow to The Misathropist. You see the blood, wait couple of hours, find even your broken arrow, but NO BEAR ANYWHERE! Not a dead one. Nor living either. The Misanthropist has evaporated. Hard to make a warm Bearskin Coat with these kind of non-coperative creatures.

Anyone else having problems with unusually hard black bears in Winter's Embrace? I'm especially interested in stories conserning The Old Iron Side. Sometimes I have even felt that it is scripted to maul you and your clothes on arrival to CH.

As a side note - I haven't found any Maple Syrup nor Expediton Parkas on Costal Highway. Don't bother going there. Next stop - Desolation Point! From my privious trips there, I recall this lovely pack of wolves near Hibernia Processing. They have had me as a dinner so many times.



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I just landed 4 or 5 rifle shots on the bear N of Mystery Lake. Still charging so I ducked in a cabin to sleep for an hour. Came out & he was still walking around outside.

Had to quit for dinner but when I reloaded my save & exited the cabin... that time he was dead on the ice.


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Thanks Sherri!

This must be somekind of weird bug, due to WE, I suppose. I've even seen ghost laptops during Aurorae in Winter's Embrace.

I left Costal Highway and went to  DP,  killed a bear there. Actually twice, since I was loitering there, and it had time to re-spawn. Came back to CH and Fishing camp. The Old Iron Side was there, had two arrow shots on it - one was too short, but the other one hit. Once again, I saw the blood. Went into a hut, waited for 3 hours, and found both my arrows in Camp. Hiked to bears cave, and there he was again, live and ready to maul me. Fixed myself, and waited on the top of those huge stones there. He rushed back towards me, shot him once more, and he run away. Slept one night, and there he was, dead as a dodo, in Fishing Camp. He even brought my arrow back.

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"Are these bears on steroids?"

LOL that's funny! :D  and actually it seems that they are because I was hunting the bear in Mystery Lake by the Trappers Homestead the other day and it took like 4-5 rifle shots to drop him. Must be those darn forest talkers feeding the bears steroids ;) :D 

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