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I’d love to see a second edition of this game come out with a story that allowed for changing of the seasons. The crash aspect, and survival after it, locked them into an all winter scenario.

In survival mode if say the world had collapsed five years ago leaving the world’s population very small overall, especially in remote places such as where we currently find ourselves. The mode could be played solo or online with up to four players. (I’d settle for 2)

There would be two options for the coop, spawn together, or randomly apart. Completely different outcomes/adventures there. Anytime coop is selected the world becomes twice as hard. You’ll have to share the limited resources and work together to survive. 

Since we could now experience the different seasons, new challenges could arise based on new weather and other environmental differences. The winters could be more severe and less fruitful foraging and hunting wise because you’d have the spring/summer to build resources. Natural disasters and odd weather patters exist because the world has gone to heck. 

I’d like to see some ability to grow food. Harvesting seeds perhaps or finding them. Weather would play a huge factor in growing. 

Lastly, two smaller additions would be the ability to hunt birds and making car batteries more useful.

Keeping the base of the game, the overall feel, and the passion they put into it must be kept. This game is such a great jumping off point and I look forward to seeing what they do with it.  

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i believe the long dark's main appeal is that it's set in a frozen wasteland, the two main threats are the cold and the wildlife. being set anywhere other than canada with wolves, bears, etc and being set in a different season would ruin the main challenge

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