Bear wants my maple syrup ?!?


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I just found a bottle of syrup in a cupboard in one of the cottages, I didn't know the bear could smell it.

But he did...

I told him "No!"


I let him get a little closer.


I took the old rifle I had recently found in old car, raised it and took deliberate aim before squeezing off my single round.


POW!!!  I knew my shot was true when his life essence spurted from the hole I had just punched into him.  Looked like small geyser had erupted from his head.


I had really expected to drop him where he stood, but he came charging like the wind so I quickly sought refugee in the car.


He stomped around outside madder than a Karen at the local Walmart...

When I got out of the car, I watched as he suddenly disappeared into thin air?  


The sound of crows cackling and cawing nearby drew my attention so I ventured out on the ice.  Yup there we was!


My what be teeth you have, I told him as I sharpened my blade.



two hours later and suffering from exposure the work was done.    

I'm thinking bear kabobs drizzled in maple syrup is what's for dinner!

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