Any idea what is this poster about?


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I am in Pleasant Valley -> Radio Control Hut. This picture caught my attention. It seems like sort of puzzle. Any idea what it is ?poster1.thumb.png.9c7cfa3ec6b1afbd0d34fb111b7c5f53.png

First I thougth about Canada map. But it does not seem to fit.

BTW I have checked the fandom wiki and there is screenshot from the very same place, but the poster is different.

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I’m certain there’s no puzzle or hidden meaning to it. It’s reasonable to assume that since you’re in a radio control hut, it’s meant to be a low quality version of some diagram explaining the intricate parts of, let’s say; a communications panel. It’s only there for visuals. 

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I think there probably not any hidden cache map hidden in it or any other game stuff.  But you know, the previous one had a pretty same foundation:


On the second look. The mid of the current image seems sort like a map. And those small parts could be like detailed sub-maps of certain regions. It is not like any of electric schema or any technic schema I have seen. Edges are uniform and full of perpendicular lines and the mid looks like paper ball.


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