How immersive is you gameplay in Winter's Embrace?


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How immersive is your gameplay in Winter's Embrace?

I'm trudging thru a blinding whiteout of a blizzard following a road along to who knows where, wondering where I'm gonna find my next maple syrup fix and the wind is howling fiercely as  the snow flakes are whipping past my face and I swear I can feel warmth leaving my body...

In real life, it's 82F/28C outside and we've got the windows open for a ventilation.  A cool little breeze of wind blows in and my first reaction is to shudder at the cold and immediately close all the windows in the house...  

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My gaming laptop sits under our AC vent. So I'll be playing and the air will kick on. My husband laughed at me because I've covered myself in a blanket even though it's blazing outside.

Gotta love the atmosphere in TLD. My favorite is the loud silence it has... If that makes any sense. The wind through the trees. So good!

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