Strange occurrence while sleeping in the middle of the night. What does this mean?


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I've been playing episode 2 of story mode, and a couple of times something strange has happened while sleeping (both with bedroll and bed, indoors / out) I get woken up in the middle of my sleep, and Mackenzie says "What the..." What does this mean? My guess was an aurora started but it was not happening at the time when I woke up in both cases. Stats were all up, no afflictions. Does anyone know what this means and or experienced it yourself? Thanks!

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In Story Mode (at least in that episode in particular), the aurora will wake the player... it's a bit of "hand holding" that I don't really care for, but I suppose it's understandable for Story Mode.

It seems to me that there might be one of two possibilities:

  • Sometimes when the aurora first starts the effects are very light (that is to say that the aurora sound effect isn't always very audible at first & sometimes hasn't even started yet... also during the "weak phase" the lights haven't begun to flicker on yet).
  • However, if it you woke up but the aurora never did manifest... then it's possible you might be experiencing a bug.  If that's the case it might be a good idea to report what you're experiencing on the Hinterland's Support Portal.


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