Ep2 bugs??


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When episode 3 came out I planned on playing out the game again from episode 1-3(redux) but after I got About 1 hour into episode 2 and I returned to the trappers cabin and was about to leave to broken railroad I noticed the rifle disappeared it wasn’t in my inventory or in the cabin it had vanished I thought maybe from sources that I would find a new rifle in the hunting lodge but didn’t Yet I had 35+ round of ammo and was still unsure if It had bugged out or maybe the rifle broke as when you acquire it is in low condition. Fast forward some months later I tried again got to episode 2 this time after the cutscene I had the rifle (which was in 43% condition) and was about to clean it but the locker next to Jeremiahs workbench was already looted which was impossible as to loot it you need the pry bar from the damn and in return you get a Firearm cleaning kit. Has anyone else experienced similar issues??

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