Rifle displays and storage, part of my wish list has come true?


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So I always wanted to be able to prop my rifles up against the wall or in a corner.  You find a couple of them that way in the game, and I always wanted to be able to that.  Even put it on the community wish list thread once or twice.  Even asked Raphael on the mailbag once about it as well.  He responded nicely saying it was something to consider in the future but they were busy with story mode back then and really I was just happy playing the game and enjoying the community.


wouldn't you just love to be be able to do this in you game?  yeah, me too!


So after the latest rounds of updates, I'm really liking the improved rotational item placement manipulation tool we got with the last batch update.  Having to put all my stuff back out on display after retrieving it from the save storage locker was a pain on account of how full it was.  But after a few hours of reorganizing my space,  I found I could get a little creative when placing items closer together or kinda stacking by rotating an object and jiggling my mouse while simultaneously clicking my mouse fast. 

I was rotating a rifle and suddenly it went green in midst rotation and i instinctively clicked....



So although not exactly propped up against the wall,  but pretty cool never the less!  


Only thing is you gotta be either a super hero,  a wizard or a descendant of King Arthur to be able to pull one of these rifles from the stone floor...

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3 minutes ago, ajb1978 said:

I think it's an absolute crime that you can't unroll all the bedrolls, throw them all on the floor at once, and roll around in a giant bedroll nest.

just imagine how soft and warm that would be with the barrel fire going and hot cuppa!  date night with Rosie Palmer...

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