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At first, I wasn't sure about the choice made by Hinterland to support WHO.
At first, I wasn't sure about the choice made by Hinterland to support BLM.
Not that I don't agree with the causes they work on, but I was wondering if it was the right call for a game company. After all, that's not what we, at first, are expecting from them.

At first, I wasn't sure Ralph had the best answer, the best behavior, in regard of the company, but also for the causes he was trying to defend.

Now, we've seen what it triggered, here, on Steam, on social networks.
Now, we see the real face of a small but sadly loud part of the humanity, of a part of the kind of community we have around this game.
Now, we have a small glimpse of how it feels like to be a minority, to be racialized constantly, to have to face the insults with no real right to answer back. We see how often it happens, even if it is not done by the majority of people, but because every day you cross the path of one of these trolls who think they are clever, better, stronger because of the amount of melamin their cells produce...

Now, I fully support Hinterland. Thank you. And thanks for the trolls for reminding me that I also have to fight against racism and for social justice in my everyday life, that I have to speak up.

Black Lives Matter.

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Of course Black lives matter.  All lives matter.  I do not support the specific "BlackLivesMatter" movement because I do not support some of its goals, like defunding the police.  What happened to George Floyd was tragic and I'm glad the bad cops responsible for it are being prosecuted.  I think the cop with the knee on Mr. Floyd's neck is a bad guy and would have done the same with a white person, Asian, or any other race.  Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the cop is a horrible racist and did that only because Mr. Floyd is black, but we don't know that.  Regardless, the vast majority of police are good people with good intentions and turning the death of Mr. Floyd into a "police are bad" issue is wrong.

I've enjoyed the 3,000 hours I've spent playing The Long Dark, and I'll continue to enjoy many more.  Hinterland can use the money I paid for the game in any way it sees fit.  I don't have a say in how Hinterland spends its money but I do have a say in whether I'll give another dime to Hinterland in the future.

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