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  1. I've tried it a few in-game days. By reading, your skill levels up quickly. If I remember correctly, at lvl2 you can easily one-shot a wolf. At lvl4, I did kill a bear and a moose with 4 or fewer bullets. To my opinion, for a long run I would use it as travel buddy, and keep the bow for hunting. I would keep the bullets to be safe while exploring a new area, or when I bring back food to a "camp". It's great at scaring wolves, and can be used to clear a path that you really want/need to be onto.
  2. Hi ! Can you talk to us about the birds' sounds ? Did you make it or recorded some ? What species are we listening to ? (Is it an owl in Coastal Highway ?) Thanks for your time.
  3. I've been passing by another area and I thought about your post. Have you consider Milton Basin + [Forlorn]Marsh RIdge ? That's two huge spots for barks, separate by only small climbings. If you have low HP but a bedroll, that seems to be a nice recovery area. My pleasure.
  4. LkP

    glowing arrows

    Wanna go learn basic logic ?
  5. LkP

    glowing arrows

    I just explained how. Ok, good, bbye ! No, it's all about making the best use of your environment.
  6. LkP

    glowing arrows

    Since we often struggle to find arrows, and since we have access to some phosphorescent mushrooms, why not allow to scrub arrows on the mushrooms in order to make them glowing a little ? (could be used for many other things but, as a first step, flashy green arrows would be nice)
  7. confirmed recovery at rest : low recovery awake : none
  8. I think that's not a bug, it's a feature It's like a visual signal of a blizzard roaming. You'll see it from inside the caves too.
  9. LkP

    New Maps

    yep, I guess that plane was supposed to land somewhere.
  10. FYI, I've killed a moose in 4 shots, I'm skill level 4 on Voyageur. Last shot was in the head, I think.
  11. There's no drawback. After one or two books, you kill. The aiming system makes it really easy and, as I just saw, at higher skill levels there's even an auto-aim help. The revolver makes traveling a piece of cake. You kill the first wolf/bear that shows and all the rest will flee. Also, with the rifle, if you miss the first shot, there's almost no chance to have time to fire again. With the revolver you can fire 3 times before the wolf gets you. I've tried with the bow or the rifle to shot at a fleeing wolf and never succeed. With the revolver I can run after them and shot as soon as they turn. That's a bazooka. And well, I'm happy to have give it a try in my long run Voyageur. I'll be pleased to go back to a custom challenge. I'm not sure of that, are you ? Totally.
  12. yeah, a daily mailbag ! 😛
  13. Revolver can kill rabbits, wolves, deers, bears and so probably moose (but not sure, it has to be a critical shot, I have yet to test it). Your skill level is important, more than the difficulty you play on.