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  1. I also prefer the old one, but I disagree with that (stalker, rifle skill 4)
  2. Serenity gave you a good answer. To be clear : yes, with a weapon, even a prybar, and enough protective clothing, you'll survive a wolf. But it's rare you're full on health, it's rare you're not already freezing, and most of the time you get into a struggle because you took a risk to access a resource you really lack, etc. You won't survive all of that combined.
  3. Sometimes the lists you can find are not up-to-date, I wonder if some players have intel to share. I totally agree with "If you do see one, take it down because it could vanish at any point". Don't risk your life for it, but don't think that you can just go drop your stuff nearby. Just entering a house and come back can make you miss the opportunity. I think that for some spawn points, if you kill the bear that share the same area it will increase the chance of a moose appearing. I'm not totally sure, but it seems to be a factor. Some remarks to discuss : Mountain Town St. Christopher’s Church (Pond to the East) : that's on the same level that the trailer, not really nearby the church Broken Railroad Hunter’s Blind (Northeast) – Tree Rubs : it's not near the hunter's blind (but that's a great spot for bear and wolves), the moose is closer to the access gate to the lodge (on the other side of the bridge, along the cliff) Coastal Highway Coastal Townsite : I've never seen one there, I've just seen a post talking about it. That can be a great spot ! Desolation Point Stone Church / Matt’s Truck Aren't these two just one and the same ? I've seen the moose on the bridge or uphill nearby the church, but I thought it was just its whole area. Hibernia Processing : really ? same as coastal townsite, I wish I'd seen one there... Hushed River Valley Moose Overlook (West) – Tree Rubs : the Moose Overlook ... overlooks the spawn point in the valley, in fact
  4. If you plan to play on interloper or hard custom mode, train now in stalker how to avoid wolves, and consider a struggle as a lost (but don't be afraid, in Stalker with some good clothes, you'll survive and be able to learn more ) There is now safe heaven, only less risky places. I've died in paths where there is no chance for a wolf to spawn, but they came because a bear pushed them away, or because they followed a prey, and you can't always predict. I've never checked, but I guess it depends if you're "settled" or not. If you have a good camp base with everything you need, there's nothing much to do per day. Early game, there's not enough hours of daylight to do what you'd like, so you have to play more to be able to pass a day... and survive it. I play Stalker to learn the animal behavior, test the limits... and try the guns. So, if you play to raise your levels or/and reach a time limit, good for you ! Anyway, if your clothes protection is enough, you don't need level 5 on anything to go exploring, you will be able to learn by mistake. But there's no goal in this game, so if your fun is to be the more safe you can be, why not.
  5. LkP

    Bug Report

    Perfectly clear report, to my opinion. I can confirm the "understeer" bug, having played "catch me if you can" with a running moose around a tree. I'm not sure to understand your question, but if you're asking if anybody can share it with Hinterland, if think @Admin can take the actions required. by the way, I like the Chinese interface for the skills, as shown in the first video. I may give it a try even if I can't read it 😃
  6. Yes, please, let me fix that roof in mountainer's hut with wood and hides
  7. I've redone the decoration of the mountaineer's hut. What do you think of it ?
  8. At first, I wasn't sure about the choice made by Hinterland to support WHO. At first, I wasn't sure about the choice made by Hinterland to support BLM. Not that I don't agree with the causes they work on, but I was wondering if it was the right call for a game company. After all, that's not what we, at first, are expecting from them. At first, I wasn't sure Ralph had the best answer, the best behavior, in regard of the company, but also for the causes he was trying to defend. Now, we've seen what it triggered, here, on Steam, on social networks. Now, we see the real face of a small but sadly loud part of the humanity, of a part of the kind of community we have around this game. Now, we have a small glimpse of how it feels like to be a minority, to be racialized constantly, to have to face the insults with no real right to answer back. We see how often it happens, even if it is not done by the majority of people, but because every day you cross the path of one of these trolls who think they are clever, better, stronger because of the amount of melamin their cells produce... Now, I fully support Hinterland. Thank you. And thanks for the trolls for reminding me that I also have to fight against racism and for social justice in my everyday life, that I have to speak up. Black Lives Matter.
  9. First, choose the field you know, the land you like Me ? I love the wilderness, so, as soon as I'm geared up, I'm heading to HRV or TWM. That time, I went HRV first (and then TWM) I'm not good at close range, so I use the terrain to my advantage If you can, lure your game to a place you can easily anticipate their moves. Put your aim just before them, and don't hesitate. Trust your gut. I may not be confident with close targets, but I really enjoy long shots. Of course, I miss a lot, but sometimes it works. And when it doesn't, at least I have a chance to retreat safely (always check your exit before shooting, an angry bear taught me that...) Talking about angry bear, always respect the game (even when that's the third arrow you put in it, it may not be dead yet...) don't kill for the pleasure respect their habitat learn to not shot The old me would have shot, half out of hungriness, half out of fear. The wise me knew that at least 2 of his brothers were roaming nearby. So, why kill it ? I may miss and trigger an attack, I may kill it but I won't be able to harvest safely. It granted me a long howl, and quickly disappeared with the rest of the pack. You may even end up with a new friend (did someone try to feed them with cattails ?) Train for long shots. Here's two shots in a row, to clear my path to some looting. The first died on the spot. I was inspecting it, wondering if I had time to take the meat before the other one would been back, when I saw the said second one reappearing from the top of the hill. He went back there running... have fun, enjoy your environment ! I don't play often on stalker, but I really liked the trip
  10. Good idea. Maybe not removing it completely, but lowering the probability would still be a nice achievement. It could be an ability mixed with other requirements, to raise the bonus by steps.
  11. Men, such aggressiveness around a simple proposal... If you don't like it, just say so, don't bite the poster. As an option, I wouldn't activate it. But since some may need/prefer it, it's a good idea, and doesn't look like asking for the moon.
  12. oh, here comes the conspi-racists there's no mountain of evidences, the only one posted here is a video in which an independentist taiwanese media ask a highly political question that they know WHO cannot answer, Why the hell would a health organization take side in that matter ? As for the link provided, calling the pandemic an hysteria is just by itself an insult to the dead and those who are fighting against it every day, putting their own life on the line (just look at the numbers of sick and dead nurses/doctors/hygienists in China, Italy, France...). So, yeah, I also disagree with the choice of the WHO for this fundraising operation. But for other reasons, reasons that I, for today, will keep to myself. I will do politic when people will stop to die like flies around me. I will do a lot of politics, and ask all the tough questions. For now, I support the health care community, however they are working.
  13. second problem is a fleeing wolf instantly shifting to killing mode. But maybe that's the new behavior...
  14. 'Woohoo two hotfixes in a row !' *launch an interloper game with a few days of survival, already on his way to the summit I crouch to try to detect the roaming bear before it detects me. A few meters away comes a wolf. That's not his usual territory but maybe it was pushed off tracks by the bear. Anyway, now it's here, going straight toward me, it must have detect my sent but hasn't see me yet. It's too close to flee, I stay crouched and draw a stone. Bam ! In the nose ! The wolf start calling its mummy and run 2 meters forward, passing just to my left, smurf-turn while still yelping and jump to my throat. *aaarf, going back to Voyager, killing anything on sight to stay safe
  15. Man, you can't just reverse the meaning of a quote. Using the same strategy : what ? did you ever play in interloper ? P.S.: I wonder what ( 😛 ) means...