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  1. (stalker game) On my way to BR from the Spence's homestead, for once I decided to use the marsh path instead of the more safe upper path. I avoided the bear, and just when I arrived near the train line, I heard a wolf dying. I had absolutely no doubt about the sound, but I couldn't see it. I went a few step forward and ... The body is still fresh. But I'm not the one who made the kill. Da hell ? I took the screenshots in order to fill a bug report, and went on a few steps. Then, I thought maybe I was missing something. So I went back, explored around the carcas
  2. In the link you gave, the challenge seems to be all interloper's settings, customized only for a few. So no rifle. And cold. Still, you can choose to also change the rifle setting to play with it, and make the challenge your own. But with the rest on interloper, it may not be so easy.
  3. thanks for the comments, appreciated 🙏 Some would argue that it's the same for Stalker, once full geared you're not so much in danger. But it's also because you learned (the maps, the wolves, etc) and you "instinctively" make less mistakes. Yeah, I just found a bear cave where you can wait for him crouched in the back of it. You just have to be patient. I tried to give a fair warning about that in the initial post If you pay attention, you can hear it breathing (or snoring, don't know).
  4. Looks like my "Ubear Meats" delivery has arrived ! We agreed on the tip of my arrow right on the spot...
  5. I don't know if you try it, so I'll suggest spam the crouch key while moving left and right as much as you can try to understand when you can move up and where you're going back down step left and right where you feel you have a chance, in different directions I've been trapped before, and managed to escape. But once, despite all tries, I had to accept my defeat to the lord of bugs. (and yeah, I don't play the game when updated, until at least the first patch...)
  6. Respect J. There will be ups and downs, but you'll ride that beast to make your journey even better.
  7. and you made it ! Thanks for the event. I didn't play long and, since I try not to have it spoiled by reading the forum, I have still no idea what I'm supposed to do, except survive 😝 (run baby, run ! that, I understood). For me that's part of TLD's challenge to have at first no clew about how to play, and learn it as it goes, often the hard way... I guess I'll have a few hours of *fun*, and that's appreciated to renew the interest in the game.
  8. Debian / Nvidia 418.152 no problem to launch a game, previous saves were available but I've started a new Stalker one. I have not detected issues that would make the game unplayable, I had some short freezes but that could be a hardware limitation on my side (my hdd is getting tired). Display seemed to be a more precise (especially for objects at long distance) and animation smoother, but that's just impressions. a few details : z-fighting is still a thing (check the books) [bug not seen in regular version, to my knowledge] pointing an object gets weird sometimes:
  9. thanks for the update, cheers to the whole team
  10. @jeffpenghere we go, indeed . Thanks for taking the time to rationally consider the matter. As a side note and introduction, I have a very "problem solving" mindset. Yet, as you stated, in every project you have to put aside things instead of trying to solve how to do it. But that's just not how I think. I believe that our specie manage to evolve because we are all different with different approaches, and sometimes they fit well together to move forward, on any topic. So I'll focus on solving the issues, not if it worth the pain. I'm in no position to judge anyway. I totally respect the deci
  11. Yeah ? I've never seen a good post answering this. Just repeating the same arguments doesn't make them true, let alone good. There is no technical difficulty in implementing this (if you imagine a 2 players game and think about what "cooperation" means). There's a lot of work on characters' animation, sure. And the devs can choose not to put effort in it, of course. All the rest is just opinions about what the game should be. Even if stated as a "True Eternal Truth", they're just opinions. And if the same people have the right to express the same opinion on every topic of the 'wi
  12. I also prefer the old one, but I disagree with that (stalker, rifle skill 4)
  13. Serenity gave you a good answer. To be clear : yes, with a weapon, even a prybar, and enough protective clothing, you'll survive a wolf. But it's rare you're full on health, it's rare you're not already freezing, and most of the time you get into a struggle because you took a risk to access a resource you really lack, etc. You won't survive all of that combined.
  14. Sometimes the lists you can find are not up-to-date, I wonder if some players have intel to share. I totally agree with "If you do see one, take it down because it could vanish at any point". Don't risk your life for it, but don't think that you can just go drop your stuff nearby. Just entering a house and come back can make you miss the opportunity. I think that for some spawn points, if you kill the bear that share the same area it will increase the chance of a moose appearing. I'm not totally sure, but it seems to be a factor. Some remarks to discuss : Mountain Town St. Chri
  15. If you plan to play on interloper or hard custom mode, train now in stalker how to avoid wolves, and consider a struggle as a lost (but don't be afraid, in Stalker with some good clothes, you'll survive and be able to learn more ) There is now safe heaven, only less risky places. I've died in paths where there is no chance for a wolf to spawn, but they came because a bear pushed them away, or because they followed a prey, and you can't always predict. I've never checked, but I guess it depends if you're "settled" or not. If you have a good camp base with everything you need, there's