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  1. second problem is a fleeing wolf instantly shifting to killing mode. But maybe that's the new behavior...
  2. 'Woohoo two hotfixes in a row !' *launch an interloper game with a few days of survival, already on his way to the summit I crouch to try to detect the roaming bear before it detects me. A few meters away comes a wolf. That's not his usual territory but maybe it was pushed off tracks by the bear. Anyway, now it's here, going straight toward me, it must have detect my sent but hasn't see me yet. It's too close to flee, I stay crouched and draw a stone. Bam ! In the nose ! The wolf start calling its mummy and run 2 meters forward, passing just to my left, smurf-turn while still yelping and jump to my throat. *aaarf, going back to Voyager, killing anything on sight to stay safe
  3. Man, you can't just reverse the meaning of a quote. Using the same strategy : what ? did you ever play in interloper ? P.S.: I wonder what ( 😛 ) means...
  4. I can confirm that timberwolves are averagely bigger. My biggest baby so far had an impressive 6.9kg of meat.
  5. It's just empirically, but I think that the hammer makes the wolf flee way faster than any other tools
  6. LkP

    stubborn bear

    I've tried with the bow, the arrow just broke. But the revolver did the trick. Except that the bear didn't bleed out 'cause I had to go back inside to get warmer, and the 2 years old bug that makes bears respawn is still operating...
  7. LkP

    Dear Santa,

    thanks for your feedback.
  8. isn't the hammer better to avoid damage ?
  9. Hunting lodge in BR : 2 moose spawns (1 nearby, 1 at your doorstep), 1 bear that you can kill from far and bring back safely (via rope, so it's a tough work, but it's 30kg and there's a nice cave to rest), wolves and rabbits, a cave nearby to enjoy camping (hey there cabin fever!), a workbench, a forge just a few wolves away, tons of resources... When I get there fully geared, I let it behind only because I'm bored... To get rid of the wolves, you can use the front door, if you miss, just go inside. There's also at least 3 timbers to climb on, rabbits to push to them, etc
  10. gg impressive knowledge of the different timings (like a cooking level VI mixed with blizzard master)
  11. Happened to me too, took me some time to understand... It's just that the ammo workbench let the menu to the ammo selection. When moving to the 'normal' workbench, you have to switch the filters (bottom left of the workbench menu)
  12. LkP

    stubborn bear

    For the tenth time, I have no fish !
  13. LkP

    Dear Santa,

    I know you just had a tough period, old Santa, and you maybe want to rest a little. I'm good with that, I'm making my wishes list for the whole year to come, so you'll be ready for the next holidays ! a camera mode : the one they use to make nice promotion videos. It's not for me directly, as I'm not skillful in that domain, but I'm sure the community will do wonders with such a tool firecrackers : I want the packs to be introduce in almost every maps. But interloper and loper-like runs need a tool to deal with them. If I can make gunpowder, can't I create something with it, non-deadly, just to scare them away ? Could be also useful with regular lonely wolves to make them stop following me all around a map. timberwolfs' special hide (and the according craftable item that would make me eager to hunt them) remove or rework the sprain mechanism : I know that won't happen, but I don't like it and that's MY wish list 😛 ski : I often go down the mountains as if I was skiing, I wish I could stop pretending difficulty levels in challenges (and custom challenges) : deadman with no human-made food, nomad with stalker wolves... new animal : my two favorites would be vultures and walrus, but I'm in if you add any other one ! I could go on and on during hours... and that would be hours and hours of hard work for just one wish to become true. So, as always, do as it pleases you, as it suits better your idea of your own creation. I wish you the best for the years to come, dear Santa, take care !
  14. Maybe... When they're used to be left alone with food for days, they learn to deal with it. But maybe throwing up is not really getting sick, sometimes. You can check why the wolves are doing that exact same thing.