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Lag is a relative term, here is something I detected:  

I have noticed that when in a situation where the game saves, it no longer freezes the screen for several seconds until the action is done, at least not for when I cross a transition and presumably wake up, etc.  This came up because I had walked into a cabin, paused the game, and saw that the save game and the user file had different date-stamps which, to me, meant a failure to save was occurring (from prior experience).  I reported that but eventually figured out that probably this was the action of saving the game that now occurred on a separate thread so I would not be stopped for a few seconds, and then if I was moving, the game screen would momentarily "hiccup" which I took as the save game thread getting the save completed.  Typically if I wait say 5 seconds, I don't see that "hiccup". I can also check the date stamps on the save and user file and they are close enough so I know they saved.

For me, I had instances before Crossroads Elergy where the game would not save game progress over a period of real life hours with a considerable loss of game progress.  It was also not detectable unless you did like me and had the save game folder always open and checking the date stamps. 

I suspect that TLD is sometimes pushing my graphics card and I should get a new computer.  :)


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