Stuck in tail Xbox one


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I saw an archived discussion in 2016 where someone had the same issue.  I dropped to see the corpse and can’t get back up.  I’m about to stop trying to climb back up.  I’ve spent an hour doing this.  I guess I’ll try going down?  If I die, I doubt I’ll play anymore.  This is by far the furthest I’ve gotten in regards to crafting clothing etc.  oh well...  I’ve seen nothing on the internet that shows someone actually climbing back up to the top of the tail section.  I’m sure some of you will laugh but I’m a middle aged guy that doesn’t have a ton of time to play , let alone figure out bugs.  Ugh...

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Don't give up... you should be able to step down onto the ledge just beneath it and walk under the belly of the plane and up the other side.  I wish I had screenshots to show you... hopefully my description will be enough.

It's not a bug... it just kind of a "terrain puzzle."

Stay warm out there.

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Okay, so both the original OP and myself made the same mistake based off crappy intel from the community.  Don’t try to go back up the way you came down.  Walk down to the rock, then under and back up (towards the right if looking out).  Damn that was horrible community posts circa 2016...

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