List of location for the 16 Notes?


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Well, I found a list in the Travel Guide on Steam.


3. Notes (16).

  • Forlorn Muskeg: At Fam. Spence Homestead
  • Timberwolf Mountain: In the Mountaineer's Hut
  • Old Island Connector: In the car at Harris Homestead
  • Desolation Point: On the workbench in Hibernia
  • Desolation Point: In the Lighthouse
  • Pleasant Valley: In the Red Barn
  • Pleasant Valley: In the Farmhouse
  • Coastal Highway: In the car on the bridge over the bear creek
  • Coastal Highway: In the Lookout Tower
  • Coastal Highway: In the Quonset Garage
  • Mystery Lake: In the Camp Office
  • Mystery Lake: In front of one of the Lake Cabins
  • Mystery Lake: In the Trappers Cabin
  • Bleak Inlet: In the Radio Control Hut (the code message)
  • Bleak Inlet: 2x In the Cannery and/or the Residences
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