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  1. New Skills: Extract fibers from plants - maybe existing plants like the Maple Sapling Making cloth from fibers Extract & refine wax - from bayberry plants Poison - extracted from poisonous berries Extract salt from saltwater Cutting down trees - the higher level the bigger tree you can cut New Gear: Slingshot - made from sticks & rubber (rubber harvested from say rubber boots or rubber trees) - at workbench Sleighs - made of fir wood & metal (Can not be carried in inventory & can only be outside - slows you down considerably) - at Forge Snowshoes - made of wood and string - in inventory Skiis - made of planks & wax (made from Bayberry plants) - at workbench Bone knife - made from animal bones & cloth, so nothing goes to waste - at workbench A proper axe - to cut down trees - smaller at first then bigger the higher level you get - at forge Nails - for whatever use, you use nails for, lol - at forge New Ressources: Berries - both eatable & poisonous Bayberry plants Rubber trees - even though not natural to Canada Salt - to preserve meat for longer time Eatable mushrooms - found in caves growing on the walls & hard to spot Squirrels - not so much for the meat, but for the tail to add on rabbits hat or other hats Other things: When harvesting the lantern, we can take the Firestriker out to have for later use. (credit DystOptimist on Twitch) We should eventually be able to make a small cabin or something similar with the trees, we cut down. Only for the "endgamers" keeping a survival mode going for 3000-5000 in-game days. This is just a brainstorm wishlist....