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Firstly let me say how fantastic this game is. At first I was like ok it's a game I can just run through quickly, blah blah blah, but in reality the more I played it the more I fell in love with it. It's right up there as one of my all time favourite games. Really great job.

There a few small things that I would like to see added into the game. 

The first one would be a sled that can be pulled behind you to assist in carrying a bunch of gear from location to location, especially when trying to bring back all that moose meat without 4 trips. Obviously it would have a non sprint penalty. 

The other thing is a scope for the rifle. Even just a X2 or 3 magnification. The lens ring alone would help dial in those shots. Also a strap for the rifle accompanied by a holster. Both could be craftable. I get that glass could frost up but a little iron ring at the end of the barrel would be sufficient. I would like to stalk wolves before they start stalking me. Or maybe even a shotgun for those tight situations. 

The third is, clothes that are worn should only be half weight as the weight is distributed around the body and not acting as luggage. 

A bergen. Surely there's bigger backpacks out there in the big bad wilderness other than what seems like a schoolbag. 

Last but by no means least. New flora and fauna. 

Not expecting everyone to agree. Just think they are viable options and realistic options in harsh environments.

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