Were Birch Bark spawn rates reduced?


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In my current 150 day stalker run I have the habit of going to the ravine every 4-5 days to collect sticks and specially birch bark.

It turns out that the Ravine is the second best place to collect Birch Bark according to a post by TheEldritchGod, only behind the birch forest in PV, to the point that I'm able to collect an average of 20 birch barks every 4-5 days in it.

However after the newest update I've noticed a SEVERE decay of birch bark in the ravine, the last time I went there after 4 days I only managed to get 6 of them instead of the regular 20.

Is anyone experiencing something similar? I couldn't find anything in the patch notes that referred to reduced birch bark spawn rates.

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I don't know about birch bark, but I do feel that both wolves and success chances have changed. I feel like there are fewer wolves around(which is great), and I am not consistently failing 90% chance stuff six times in a row anymore. Maybe it's just luck, but I feel like it's different.

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