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Ever since the addition of the Timberwolves, which I've enjoyed immensely, I have been wondering what other unique wildlife the developers possibly could add to further the game's depth and challenge. Since the game is set in a frigid Canadian wilderness I was thinking it wouldn't be far out to add unique variations of already existing wildlife like they did with the wolves. Perhaps they could eventually bring forth polar bears either in a reskin of the bear with maybe enhanced strength and senses, or maybe have a variation in how the predator functions and attacks, similarly to the wolves. Other concepts I was thinking about were perhaps the addition of cougars, but I would assume this would take longer to add considering there isn't something like this in the current version of the game. It would be amazing to see any of these ideas come to fruition later down the road. This is already by far the best survival experience I have played, much love to Hinterland Studios.

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lol, That's the thrill of the Long Dark my friend, never knowing when you'll meet a horrifying end. :)

Cougars would make a nice addition I think, They could add some unique situations of having to be extra careful when hunting prey because they would me much more agile and intense than the wolves, the wolves can be dangerous if they sneak up on you, but most times I find you can evade them fairly easy, with the cougar if you stumble on one I feel it would challenge the player a lot more considering they are a much faster prey than the wolves, plus it would open more opportunities to expand on the crafting system in the sense that you could craft maybe a cougar coat or cougar pants.

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