Wolves Vs. Polar Bear


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Honestly I feel like they should rename the regular wolves to dogs. It would fit better with why they are always solo and how there are so many of them and also why they're in the towns. Maybe they would think calling them dogs would be too hard on people, but I feel it worked in STALKER.

But yeah, I would very much like to see more life in wildlife.

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On 5/24/2020 at 11:50 AM, Dum_Gen said:

I wish there were more interactions between the wildlife in the game. It would be cool if we could watch how timberwolves hunt for deers and even moose.

Quite a shame that it would need so much time to introduce such mechanics.

Right?  I mean I used to always follow the wolves out on the ice on Coastal Highway and watch them chase down a deer.  Then I would duck walk over and pop the wolf and get a little two-fer.  You always see bones in a bear cave, it would be cool to watch a bear hunt in this game indeed.

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