Scarves Should be an Accessory


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Why is it that when I wear two hats my neck HAS to be naked???
It is very unrealistic and just plain weird to look at. I find scarves all the time but have never worn them because I find two toques very early every game, yet accessories are rare as hell! Hinterland, let me wear a damned scarf please. It is NOT a hat. Fun fact: Every person on the planet has the ability wear a hat AND scarf at the same time. Please fix.

And more accessories need to be added. My accessory slot almost always a blank spot until I get a Moose Hide Satchel. How about adding Ear Muffs? The Wool Ear Wrap can't be the only one considering the variety of other clothes categories.

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Yeah, I agree with you and i have talked about this recently. I really think that there should be a whole new slot where you can equip just a scarf or other neck ackessory, or maybe seperate the two hat slots into one headwear slot and one neckwear slot.

This is my opinion about how it should be done.

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