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  1. You can't tell me I'm done with a conversation on a forum. And there is no "opinion" here. It is either right to add items to the visors or it is not. I will guarantee you if you polled TLD players, "Should Hinterland add items to the openable visors?" then it would be overwhelmingly in favor of adding. And me not liking something doesn't make someone wrong you are correct. But if I am right on what I don't like then by default it will make the disagreeing person wrong. And as I am new to this forum I have no idea how to conduct a poll or I most definitely would. Maybe you should seeing
  2. Why is it that when I wear two hats my neck HAS to be naked??? It is very unrealistic and just plain weird to look at. I find scarves all the time but have never worn them because I find two toques very early every game, yet accessories are rare as hell! Hinterland, let me wear a damned scarf please. It is NOT a hat. Fun fact: Every person on the planet has the ability wear a hat AND scarf at the same time. Please fix. And more accessories need to be added. My accessory slot almost always a blank spot until I get a Moose Hide Satchel. How about adding Ear Muffs? The Wool Ear Wrap can't be
  3. Have you lost your gaming common sense? You call what is an obvious, cringy, unfinished flaw in the game "an interesting little detail". Wow. It puts most people off and frustrates much more than how "interesting" it is to never find jacksh*t. And of course you should get a "prize" for checking them. That is the whole point and concept of making openable containers in games since gaming has been around!
  4. Everybody knows there is never anything in the car visors except for a few trolls and mis-rememberers. All they are really useful for is marking the cars you've been in, and satisfying that OCD itch. It's a waste of time and makes the game look incomplete. How is it after all these years after many, many updates that they haven't done anything about a bug so glaring in your face but yet so simple to fix?? Hinterland, PUT ITEMS IN THE VISORS ALREADY!
  5. I agree with the Helicopter rescue or something that makes sense in a geo storm. Because after 500 or 1000 days I think you've proved your point. When you're perpetually naked living on only rabbits and a magnifying glass and are still able and willing to go on then yeah... give the guy a happy ending and get his ass the hell out of there.
  6. Yeah I like this idea alot! Very realistic! But there would have to be certain balance issues worked out no doubt. You'd have to reduce matches, they would have to be more rare, start with a certain amount of fuel, maybe they should only light at a certain temperature, and if they get wet they won't work at all until they dry. It can work! It would definitely add a new layer of strategy and realism so this is something that needs to be done. 100% agree.