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I would really like a gamemode where you won't get attacked by feral animals like wolfes and bears. I would love if they are still there, but i would like if i could focus more on surviving and exploring the other ways. I am completley new to the game and i keep getting scared to go out of the cabin in fear of meeting a wolf haha. Just a gamemode to choose as a beginner to explore and get used to the game before you build yourself up to get more advanced :)

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18 minutes ago, RegentRelic said:

There is it's called pilgrim. Its just above Voyager on the difficulty selection screen. Unless your talking about Wintermute then it's called green horn.

I'm not able to find it. Where do you go from the main menu?

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7 minutes ago, RegentRelic said:

If your looking for custom it is the at the bottom of the difficulty selection.


I meant the 'green horn' in wintermute :) Im really sorry if im being blind to it xD its probably very visible


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