Storm Lantern and Rock, Torch, Flare Throwing Low FPS Animations


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As of the Fearless Navigator update, I am now experiencing the Storm Lantern's sway/swing animations choppy and stuttering. The best way I can describe this is that the animations appear to be very low fps. Like 10-20 or so.

So to reiterate, I am not losing or having dropped frames on the game itself, the issue is the Storm Lantern's animations being choppy.

Also I am experiencing the same problem when throwing rocks, torches, and flares.
As I see the objects in mid flight, the object stutters the entire time till it hits the ground and stops moving.

Before this update, I never experienced any of these problems. I have not changed any settings, hardware, etc.
Has anyone experienced this for the most current update?

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Yes I would like to add on to this post that I am seeing certain contains such as the metal contain box and the plastic box have "laggy" animations when opening.
However its not all contains. Lockers and the red tool box open just fine.

I hope this is something the devs are aware of. I did read a few other players experiencing the same problems listed above.

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