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I think it would be cool if you could either find or build/carve out of let's say tree bark or something to make a sled that you could put an animal carcass on or other items that are heavy in which you would drag behind you. Not only would you have to find or build the sled but you would also need to have a rope to attach to it so you could wrap it around you to be able to pull it. Also it would be cool if they could add some more animals like let's say a fox or cougar. Even a beaver that builds little dams in the rivers that are not completely frozen or where the ice cracks. 

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Implementation and how something interacts with the character and the environment would be the biggest obstacle to getting a sled or anything new, like a new animal, into the game. Implementation takes time and resources which Hinterland always has to weigh the value of something (in their eyes) to the game/Story Mode versus the cost to deliver it. 

You're not the first to ask for a sled, you won't be the last.  

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