Flares (and other items?) stuck to ceilings


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Go inside a building and find a ceiling that is low enough for being in throwing reach.

Throw a flare upside, and right when it hits the ceiling click it.

The interaction menu opens where you can select "pick up", "put back"...

Select "put back", the menu will close and the flare will remain stuck in place, being glued to the ceiling.

Great way to light up a place by the way. :P

Worked in V.192 and probably still works in V.193.

(Not tested with other items yet.)

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Yes, it's a known game that's been around for a while, and multiple images already posted on Twitter for over a month now... Unofficially it was dubbed "The Johan Game" for one of the streams who mastered the technique, and decorated his game cabin/house like Xmas lights using the flares. :lol:

LMG, GreyRook, Johan, and a number of streamers play it as a way to pass time during storms 8-)

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