Buried Wolf


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As long as you can see the wolf (only half buried), just click on it as you normally would.

Unless they've silently added burying carcasses with snow when it snows, the carcass being buried at all is a bug. Sometimes the carcasses "sink" into the ground. If you're really unlucky, they will completely disappear below the ground and you won't be able to harvest them at all...

Oh, and if you can't click on it, that would be a bug. And you should report it in the bug forum, preferably with a debug screenshot (F8).

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I went back twice actually, the first time there was a hint of hide visible, and i could harvest...but the next time it was covered by a mountain of snow. Or - I am realizing now - that kills disappear after a certain amount of time. Maybe the time had elapsed...

Thanks again for your input :)

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It's the decay time. I've found that harvesting meat and gut but not pelt from a wolf will delay respawn of said wolf into the area. The carcass should still be present until it is fully harvested or the rot sets in, so to speak.

Glad you found the tab function though :)

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