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Been playing quite intensely since I got the game a few days ago- have 4 badges-doing pretty well I think. Paramount, I'm enjoying it. :) I like the realistic feel to it very much- good on the money guys- well done! There's just one thing at this point that I can think of that would be a great asset to that realism. The ability to run!!! :D It's frustrating and abnormal, to say the least, to not RUN from Fluffy! I think players would be happy given the choice to sprint when they deem it necessary - even at the expense of a great number of calories and perhaps a sprained ankle. :) Just my two bits, for what they're worth.


Little Fox~

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Well although there is a "run" button, I think something like a "sprint" could still be helpful.

With the new wolf A.I. in .192 (and I think even after the hotfix .193 in stalker) it would be nice to have a sprint ability.

Right now you can run all day long, so probably it is more like "jogging". With faster and more aggressiv wolves a sprint ability to get into that next house or to get at least some distance inbetween would be awesome. Of course sprinting would need to be balanced in terms of calories/fatique, duration maybe dependent on the weight you carry and so on.

But I really like the idea :D

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This has been discussed a bit actually, but maybe we need to make a new thread specifically for ideas of implementing a more effective sprinting option that could be used to get away from wolves without breaking the balance? I definitely want us to get the developers attention with it and at least generate a response from them so we can understand how they see the movement speed and options as it stands now.

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