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  1. I've definitely thought about how the game could add more of a mentally unnerving edge to the gameplay, without going bizarre and paranormal, but more within the realms of a person losing their mind. I've even thought about how as you get tired you could be more prone to auditory hallucinations, or hearing wolf sounds when nothing is around, maybe particularly after an attack or some other issue is going on. So much could be done in this area though.
  2. Have you explored the entire sandbox? I ask because I've had several 100+ runs and I've never gotten close to running out of metal.. If there are areas you haven't looted, that's definitely where I would take myself, and obviously minimize your use of tools to must use situations. As the above poster mentioned, I'd find a viable long term survival spot, ML is my favorite for that, but that can be a personal preference. Also if you have a bow and arrow, I'd use up all your rifle ammo just so you can justify breaking the rifle down for metal.
  3. for myself when moving, it certainly depends how long I plan on spending in said place. I don't like letting food expire (meat or otherwise) so when moving I tend to take any of my food supplies that are getting low in quality (around 20% for packaged, 40% for meat) and I'll definitely just gorge myself before the trip on any of my low quality stuff. I take my bow always, because the weight difference, plus since I have meat on me I find it really easy to deal with the wolves I may encounter. Due to this I don't take many arrows as I don't plan on hunting, but only defensively fighting. As o
  4. +1 to your suggestion for the pack behavior, they should totally feed off that carcass together (assuming wolves behave in this manner?)
  5. That sounds like something unique to you, never heard anyone else complain about something like that. I consistently build my fires RIGHT next to me, and never get burnt.
  6. Yeah make a trail or mark areas with them, but other than that nothing I know off. Maybe we'll be able to break them down for scrap plastic eventually .
  7. Well now you know . I get the complaint, I just like the fact that they haven't changed this yet despite this not being the first time it was brought up. Your certainly not the first one to bring it up though.
  8. So while i do agree with others in the sense that cloth is way more abundant than it was back in november of last year for example, I think it's more important to use your cloth regularly now as well. The PV update and 256 introduced more extreme weather patterns and conditions making non crafted clothing more important, certainly in the early game. That combined with the modifications to the wolf fighting system from 256 and the increase in clothing damage we can experience there, as well as the multiple bite wounds you experience now from single fights, while the amount of cloth has ramped u
  9. Haha this issue has come up once or twice before... Personally I don't want them to change this. If you decide to make a fire under your feet, live with it. This is the theme of the game, make mistakes, get hurt/die for it, don't do that again. As far as "Who is going to pile up logs and stand on it to light it?" it sounds like you did .
  10. I love new maps! My favorite part of the game is explored areas finding myself in new situations. At 250 hours the current map selection is getting pretty well burnt into my brain. This leaves me feeling more bored than I have in the past, but a new map is definitely what will get me playing this non stop again rather than in it's current rotation (dabbling in like fives games right now lol). A more industrial/developed map sounds really cool for a variety of reasons. I imagine it has the potential to offer a variety of unique gameplay situations, aesthetically it's something different from an
  11. Some games are meant and designed as single player experiences, and it's a good thing the game is made that way. I can think of plenty of great games I've played that were single player, and they would not at all be even similar experiences were they co op. Hinterland is trying to deliver a vision they have for a game, and putting in co op would go against their vision. I'm glad they have no intention to.
  12. I get so scared when people start talking about changes that will make surviving easier. #keepstalkerhard
  13. I dunno, I get the complaints from op, but in my own experiences I very rarely used m to pull up matches. To me they're just too valuable of a resource to waste using for light regularly, especially once I obtain a Lantern (110 days in current run, not close to running out of fuel). While I can understand the complaints op made about the ui changes, I like them personally, I think the amount of info added is super useful (wind shield icon for example keeps me from having to pull up survival screen to make sure I'm blocked from wind.) I did struggle right off the bat with some of the new hot k
  14. I do really dig the new sprinting system. There have definitely been a group of us advocating for a Change in how running and all that works. I find this new method much better, in fact it's almost exactly what I wanted them to do with it.
  15. I haven't played much the past two weeks, busy with homelife and work, but this update definitely got me inspired to put at least a little time into it. Just some thoughts on the hour I put in today. I played a little more than a day in game time, booted up my load which was in the farmstead at PV. Immediately noticed the amount of stuff inside that can be harvested for either cloth or reclaimed wood. Grabbed some cloth from the curtains upstairs and headed down. After some food and dropping supplies at their various spots, I ventured out and decided to explore around for some firewood. I have