Amazing Disappearing Wolf Carcass


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I managed to head-shoot a wolf just as it was beginning to feast on a deer it had brought down. I harvested about 2 kilos of meat from the deer before I began to freeze and went off to the Trapper's Lodge to warm up and begin a fire. I stayed in the lodge around two hours, perhaps under: enough time to cook two kilos of meat. I went back out to the deer carcass: it's still there with all meat, hide, and gut intact, while the wolf carcass has disappeared entirely. I'm a little upset cause I really needed that pelt.

I'm fairly certain that the wolf carcass was still there after I had spent the half-hour or so necessary to harvest the initial deer meat. If the wolf got up and walked it off, he did so after playing possum for 30 minutes. Is this a bug, or am I missing something? Should I have harvested a bit of meat from the wolf carcass as well before going off to warm up?

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This bug is still present in v.200.

I started off by luring a deer to a wolf. He ended up catching the deer near the frozen river where one of the black bear spawns, in the pleasent valley. I gathered some gut from the deer then a blizzard arrived and i left. I returned the next day, started a fire to the carcass again to thaw it, since i still had no tools and gathered some pelt and guts from the wolf. Again a blizzard arrived in the evening and i left. The next morning both, the deer carvass and the wolf were both gone. The burnt out fire places still marked their places.

In front of the image: fireplaces were put next to deer, in back of image: fireplace was put next to wolf carcass


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The condition of the carcass (%) goes down over time and after it falls to 0%, the carcass disappears. This does not happen to carcasses, which are already there when the game starts, but to the ones killed by you or a wolf in the game. At least that's how it worked when I was wondering about the same thing a few versions ago.

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