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Hey Ray -- stuff like this is better for the Feedback thread since these are not bugs.

Allowing harvesting directly from objects in the world (ex. chair, table) opens a huge can of worms for us. If you can break a chair up, why can't you break the door on the structure? If the door, why not take down the entire lookout and have wood for a year? Etc.

I get your point about Foraging indoors. We could potentially allow (trade time for Reclaimed Wood, for example) it but it removes some of the "cost" and risk associated with foraging, which is currently limited to outdoors where you also have to account for temperature and other threats.

Foraging is something we'll be expanding in the future, and it's likely we will revisit how we handle this particular aspect of it. So far we've been pretty cautious about avoiding the "turn chair into wood" trope, which is so common in other survival games.

For now, most actions take time and/or calories and that's a really important part of driving our overall core loop in the game.

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