No Mac Support as yet for the Alpha ??


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And today is your Birthday! Happy Birthday Mac, hopefully we can make it up to you soon!

Its the 13th already here Alan, but appreciate the gesture all the same. Thanks mate :D

We need a Like button in this forum!

That wouldn't go astray either . . . . @Bill_Tarling ;)

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If shipping wasn't such a pain, I would ship you one of my PCs MAC, this is a lot of fun. Sorry to rub it in, hopefully you get to play soon.

I have Windows on another Partition, but is only used for Testing and some Government sites here in Aust I need to access because they haven't got Mac OS X Friendly yet. Im not going to load it up with Steam or any games, as it runs at bare minimum space as it is.

Being on my 13" MBP, I'm happy to wait until I can play it on my 27" iMac, for amazing graphics and sound :D

Thanks anyway, but I want the best experience, and see as I'm lost in a Window environment ill wait until the Mac build is here . . . Have fun y'all !!!

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IS there going to be a New Key and email sent to be able to get the Mac Build up and going ?? As I am aware, the Key I got, would activate the Windows version, but will it activate the Mac Version ?? Being a Alpha Build, it will be a completely different link, per se . . ?

What I'm asking is will it be easy to install the Mac version, since I already have the Windows version in my Library ??

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