Pirates of the Long Dark

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@BareSkin *takes out a hatchet branch and knights @tulkawen with it*

Milady! I challenge you to a test!

You shall launch a new game, select custom mode, click "Enter Code" and copy-paste this code: +29k-lpWh-KJXp-hqx9-rgAA

This is a Voyageur settings you know very well, but without the sleep-healing.

Voyageur rules: you can choose your map if you so wish, whatever gender you prefer, and up to 4 feats.

Survive 100 days. Sub-challenge: Summit.

As a reward, you'll get tons of good habits to take to your Loper adventures, and a lovely simili-certificate

Challenge accepted!

Chosen Map: Random

Difficulty: Sleepwalker Voyager

Feats 3 because I don't have 4: free runner, cold fusion, book smarts.

Personal secret sub-challenge.

Day 1


- Arrr!!! When the Capt'n threatened to cast me off at some uninhabited isle, I didn't think it'd be covered by frozen water.

- The Second Mate, Billy Bingewart, must have mixed something into my rum to knock me out.

- The ship likely sailed away along this Hushed River after throwing me overboard before it got all weird solid.

- Behind me there be a giant cave. Caves are grand. They contain treArrsure!

- I turn my aft at the region where I was doomed and entered the cave.

- There's just enough noon light to search the main corridors without a light source. I get a couple of diamonds all black and covered in dirt.

- Daylight and biting wind greet me on the other end. I turn my nose windward and cross the white field eventually crawling uphill where I spot what looks like a hermit hut.

- There's no hermit, only some fleece gauntlets to claim and a bunk bed where I get an hour of shuteye.

- The frozen water crunches weirdly under my feet. Eventually I spot a lake with some kind of sissy plants tucked around it. Can't say seaweed is nourishing, but sailors know good worth of every calorie.

- The lake is next to a Church. I eye it wearily. I be told I be struck by lightening if I enter one. This blighted cold isn't better than lightening though.

- Chanced entering. Don't see anyone here either maybe they got incinerated by lightening and the zapping toll for this week has been served.

- Lit fire to warm up. The white stuff on top of me suddenly turned into excellent, life-saving fresh water. Dumped more white stuff into my can, but got uncomfortable waiting too long and grabbed it few times before water became drinkable. I have some tablets among the loot maybe they will purify this cursed water. Lo and behold! I have two liters of water.

- I am worried that I will get hit by lightening after all, so, after finding a piraty bandana on a bench and a crowbar I make torches and sail along the fairway.

- There are carriages scattered along the fairway. Hardy Har Har!!! They contain a knife an a hatchet! Yarrr! I am well armed for looting and combat!

- The Port of Milton greets me with silence. It's dusk and flurries snake along the ground like fog.

- Keeping sharp eye out for the land sharks. Perhaps their noses smelled me from far off and they be needing more time to come for blood.

- The fatigue is calling me to occupy the fanciest mansion in port, but it would be foolish not to search for treasure while the sharks are away.

- The torches I preserved despite the moderate wind help greatly with going carriage to carriage and house to house.

- I got down the street and bumped into a school taken out by a cannon ball. When have I ever learned anything useful at school? I turn back down the road and make a stop at one of the smaller houses that has a fireplace and a bed. Take a nap to fight off the blasted fatigue after making fire and more torches.

- Grabbed a torch from the fire kept up for an hour and went out to the back of the house. A bunch of clutter and junk. I stumble onto another miniature lake with more seaweed and stumps that have mushrooms. Them herbs might have healing properties I take them too, though, I don't finish collecting.

- A strange bird is hooting, hope it's not telling me I'm about to run into rocks. The white, fluffy stuff is blinding. The blighted cold is makin' me all shivery and I hurry to drop anchor at the fancy mansion also occupied by none.

- Perhaps the sharks have eaten them all.

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Day 2


- Woke up after 8h. It seems I could have safely slept more.

- Ahoy me mateys! There be a storm on our hands! I bet them sharks won't show their cowardly mugs in this weather!

- Reefed my sails and got across to the main treasury. The treasury has no gold, just another crowbar and a bunch of strange drinks that hiss. None of them taste like rum.

- Busted open a tall metal box. Yarr!! Some knee-tall piraty boots! At last! The ankle-deep shoes I've been left with must have belonged to some lousy raider who couldn't afford more leather!

- Checked more carriages. One has an old fashioned captain coat in the trunk! I'm on the way to becoming a Capt'n meself!

- Can't find a telescope anywhere, but there is some small round thingy that makes things look bigger.

- Stepping out of another house I spot weather changes. The snow falls light. There, between me and the fancy mansion, I spot a grey shark. Blimey, they do come ashore!

- Since the shark doesn't see me, I won't be testing me luck. Another house next to me has a comfortable bunk. That's where I drop anchor for the night.


Day 3


- Woke up after 10h. It seems I can hit the sack for longer than that.

- Another storm filling up the sails. Keep them coming! A sea faring fish like me fears to strong wind only them sharks do.

- Sailed back to the mansion. Turns out the big white box has a salmon! These cold boxes are useful, another one I found yesterday had a hefty chunk of deer meat.

- Started a fire to cook my fine meal. At last! Instead of sissy cans, I found real food!

- Tore up laughable ankle shoes for leather to repair my fancy piraty Mukluks.

- My Capt'n hats and the coat are also in need of repair.

- As predicted, the fish turned out the best, filling my stomach with 1350 calories. Yarr!!

- Have precious fresh water and get some shuteye.

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Day 4


- Rowed my patched up boat to a big metal construction labelled the gas station.

- More colourful wrapper food instead of real meat. All of that after some effort to pry the big door open.

- Rowed over to the office as well and checked more houses away from the vortex where the sharks like to hang out.

- Found a pretty, pink coat. I'll have yer know pink is a perfectly piraty colour and those bilge rat who don't agree can taste my cutlass when I find a cutlass.

- Tore up more of those sissy ankle shoes before hitting the sack.


Day 5

- Arr! My hands are all punctured by bloody needles from all this sewing. There be a yellow book that shows you which end to grab. Blergh, them sissy books are rarely good fer something. At least this one has lots of pictures I learn from.

- This port is most generous. I've been swimming in food for days. Once I finish reading the pictures, my muscles fill up with strength.

- It's the first time I've obtained the Well Fed buff.


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Hum, maybe that was way too easy? Didn't want to throw you on a stalker :D

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49 minutes ago, BareSkin said:

Hum, maybe that was way too easy? Didn't want to throw you on a stalker

Actually, I think it is. I'm on Day 17 and I haven't dropped below 95% any of those days. Of course, you can't evade wolves forever, voyager included. The test of recovery would come after a major screw up where I'd lose a lot of health.

All you have to do is not starve and avoid being bitten. The biggest problem with Loper for me comes from the cold. On voyager the clothes I have are sufficient to travel calmly. The weather is in the negatives sometimes even in those clothes, but I can either make fire or hide long enough for it to warm up or just reach my destination.

In terms of your challenge, it is obvious that you must be fed all the time day and night and food is not a problem on voyager. I doubt this is doable for me on Loper though because I do not have the ability to hit rabbits with stones, which as I've noticed is the biggest food source in all the Loper videos I've watched. I only occasionally practice on voyager when my survival isn't dependent on actually catching them. I think I've been able to hit them something like 2/100 and both hits they ran away before I could pick them up.

I'd like to point out that at this point I have successful taken down a bear AND a moose. But, I haven't caught a single bunny without a snare yet.  :D

In terms of Stalker, I would prefer Interloper. I just don't feel like bumping into wolves every two steps of the way.

I shouldn't have taken any of the feats on voyager. Cold fusion in warm weather = lol in terms of challenge. But it's crucial for me on Loper. I'll be using this one in all following Loper games.

Day 6

- Got to patching up me stuff. The lantern found at the gas station be fallin' apart. Got it polished shiny in four goes.

- The pirate boots require additional mending.

- Found another instrument called a hacksaw. Not as grand as my epic hatchet, but it has its uses.


Day 7


- Repaired work gloves to replace flimsy fleece mittens. Lether be always sturdier.

- I need to get on the move least the port authorities show up to rob me of all my fairly looted loot.

- Drew a map and hid all my extra stuff in a closet, including one pack of matches. One never knows when they may sail these waters again.

- Arr! I'm still dragging hefty 42kg.

- Moved down the street to a corner house with a bed and pot stove away from the sharks. I must crouch like a coward each time I'm exiting the fancy mansion.

- There be a red tower up on a hill that I sailed to investigate. A huge wooden box next to it had a tiny hook. Hooks are great! If all this water wasn't frozen solid I'd get fishing and sailing done.

- I have a big pile of plants in my pockets. Worked on organising my pockets by turning all the mushrooms into something that can be cooked.


Day 8


- Away I went from the town towards an office structure that has no door. It still has a decent bunk nonetheless and a stove to warm up the place.

- Steered clear of the gas station due to them land sharks.

- Chopped up firewood to ensure I don't freeze at night. As I did so a deep fog drifted in

- Lost the office standing two steps away from it. Instead crossed an area with picnic tables and found a rope.

- Went down the rope and left heavy tools at the base such as heavy hammer.

- Went back up the rope to sleep at the office. Got small amounts of shuteye several times to avoid burning up firewood as much as possible.


Day 9


- Too windy and cold. Waited for noon when it got cloudy and light snow began falling.

- All this mountain climbing isn't my thing. Give me open seas any time.

- Thinking saltily about Bingewart. He's been eyeing my First Mate post for some time. How did the Capt'n trust that freshwater toad.

- My search for a way across led me to a decent cave and a rope up.

- Climbed the rope to drop half of my stuff and went back down to the cave to look around more.

- Another lad who froze in this blighted cold nearby got a hatchet.

- The cave has more dusty diamonds and cedar wood. I'll stay the night and sleep in a spare bedroll found in this cave.

- After midnight a storm came in prompting me to start fire.

- Storms are good when you're safe. Calm waters next morning.

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@BareSkin By the way, what have you done to the whetstones? :D In which way has their existence not pleased you?

Day 10


- Up the rope I got in this grey but fair morning.

- Hesitated whether to check the area for another rope with the stuff I'm currently carrying but then picked up all and won.

- Ventured past a rainbow waterfall that shone like many precious stones. Live water at long last. Came up and put my hand into the stream even if it bit me like a vicious sea urchin.

- Along the frozen river I went until an exploration cave entrance showed up ahead.

- Followed the cave corridors without light eventually entering a place called the Mystery Lake.

- Trappers Homestead ahead without the trapper. Just as well since they won't challenge me for the excellent loot in this homestead.

- A snare for small fluffy creatures is on the workbench. Stepped out to set it and came back in.

- Another pair of the best pirate boots! Set about repairing them. I seem to be stabbing meself less with a needle. My skill must have improved. Hid the Mukluks in a tall green box. I'm going to need to draw more treasure maps.

- Yarr!! We're in good business! I spot a fancy musket up on a wall and a kit to fix it. Even though it's heavy, I take it and spend the rest of the evening cleaning it.

 Day 11

- The snare caught a rabbit that got skinned outside. Blimey! Half of my warmth bar is be goners. It's -5C

- Got back in and removed the meat. I have many matches. Started the fire to cook the rabbit. Can't leave it and don't want the stench to put every land shark around on me. Boiled a bit of water too to leave behind as a stash.

- Happy I can leave the heavy hammer in the locker too before setting out.

- Walked away rather far before I realised that I've forgotten a book on shooting back at the cabin. I don't want to go back for it.

- It's windy and -5C when I spot up ahead a ruined house and a stove. The scoundrelous land shark is clinging to it. I curse at not being able to warm up and keep walking.

- Lousy hills. I trip on one and gain a wrist sprain. I need to be able to pull out my musket, so, I use some pills to subdue the pain.

- Unnamed pond ahead. I'm passing by, so, I only check the hunters blind and take the bow. Not taking any seaweed.

- Say Boo! to a bunny to make it sprint ahead of me over a hill. Let it take a fall if there be any land sharks ahead.

- It's mid-day when I spot a small cabin where I might stay the night. It's too windy and I don't feel like traveling.

- Chopped up some clutter inside to free the space and get firewood in case I'll need to replenish water supplies.

- Stepped out to collect mushrooms around the cabin. The wind stopped and the afternoon became very warm.

- I still have half a good day worth of travel. Decided to press on.

- Someone's been doing a lot of ship building in this area. So many stumps. A land shark is hanging around it.

- Crossed the fairway and climbed the hill to keep it off my scent. We travel in the same direction for a while.

- I get an ankle sprain and scowl but refuse to fix it. Some pirates live without one leg entirely. Those magic pills that kill pain best used in bigger emergencies.

- My suffering is soon rewarded. There are three hermit cabins ahead that have another hatchet and prybar. Extra hatchets are valuable. I haven't seen any sharpening stones yet to fix them.

- Hit the sack for 12h.


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4 hours ago, tulkawen said:

In terms of Stalker, I would prefer Interloper.

That would be a simple pure Sleewalker level 0, and It's made for those very confident on themselves regarding Interloper, so, fell free to try when you feel ready! But you could also fine-tune a Stalker Sleepwalker (since it's a customized mode) to tune down just the wolf population 1 step below regular Stalker.

4 hours ago, tulkawen said:

I do not have the ability to hit rabbits with stones

Speak to them nicely, and they'll align themselves for you. There's a pic in last last OIC of Cinderella for the shooting moment.

3 hours ago, tulkawen said:

@BareSkin By the way, what have you done to the whetstones? :D In which way has their existence not pleased you?

I do love them, 1stone=1knife. That is, when I don't die on my trip to the forge, of course. Before that, they're obviously never needed. I never crafted or used a hatchet, tbh.


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@BareSkin  Then I take it for Interloper the code is the same, you simply first choose Loper mode and then input the same code to remove the sleep heal?

I've been watching The Long Dark Year youtube  series. It's someone surviving a year on Stalker. From what I've gathered, there are many, many resources on Stalker as well, the biggest difference is the wolf population. Wouldn't turning down the wolves just make it voyager?

So, I'm correct, you programmed whetstones out of existence? In 17 days I never found one.

pfff Suuuure they will. :P I'm kind of glad though that I'm such a lousy shot. I don't feel sorry with the snares, but I do feel sorry for silly fluffies when they're caught with bare hands.

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21 hours ago, tulkawen said:

Then I take it for Interloper the code is the same, you simply first choose Loper mode and then input the same code to remove the sleep heal?

Absolutely not :D. The final code is some sort of condensed version of the value you input in the parameters. 1 code= 1 set of parameters. It doesn't matter what you choose before putting the code, it's just two different ways of launching the same game. I could also give you all the parameters value, but that'd be less practical. Try for yourself if you want: Choose the Voyageur template, chande "At reste condition" to "None", click "Share Code"= you get the sleepwalking voyageur code.

If you really want to start the Interloper version and get the "Proudly Arrogant" diploma, this is Sleepwalker level 0, the code is 8MDM-qj4P-KxuD-iaGO-7gAA. But I strongly advise you not to try before being confident a bit with interloper (its cold, its lack of weapons...). For everything else I will refer you my "Bareskins are Sleepwalking" series and to this explaining post, since all the custom codes are there, copy-pastable:


21 hours ago, tulkawen said:

the biggest difference is the wolf population. Wouldn't turning down the wolves just make it voyager?

I'd say yes (the needs deplete faster but you still find plenty of resources). It's a point I disagree with many people, but to me what characterizes Interloper is the absence of Rifle (and lack of spawn bedroll). I might be very wrong about it, 'cause I never played Stalker. The numbers of wolves is not that important when you have a rifle. Interloper (and thus sleepwalkers and deadmen) is the only mode in which you're defenseless until you earn the right to be the hunter.

A good compromise would be to have Stalker-sleepwalker settings (still easy to keep being Well Fed, but colder and stronger wolves) with Voyageur spawn chance and without the Rifle. The Custom code for that would be 8lGY-mmpa-KBpD-hymG-LgEA, or if you want to do it yourself:

-Select Stalker base template

-Remove sleep-healing (it's a sleepwalker)

-Tune down "Wolf spawn chance" from "Very high" (Stalker) to "Medium" (Voyageur)

-Set "Rifle availability" to "No"

There is no settings for removing the whetstones, you're just unlucky :D

21 hours ago, tulkawen said:

I'm kind of glad though that I'm such a lousy shot. I don't feel sorry with the snares, but I do feel sorry for silly fluffies when they're caught with bare hands.

Oh yes, told that myself on my first day of Interloping. The next day, I was starved and didn't think twice before shooting, snapping, harvesting, cooking and eating it. I wonder, how do you deal with rifle-shooting deers then? On my first successful attempt at Sleepwalking, I ended proud when I didn't have to kill deers anymore. I just kept them roaming around my house, as a company. Late lopers are really empty and silent, so it's good to have friends.

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2 hours ago, BareSkin said:

I'd say yes (the needs deplete faster but you still find plenty of resources). It's a point I disagree with many people, but to me what characterizes Interloper is the absence of Rifle (and lack of spawn bedroll). I might be very wrong about it, 'cause I never played Stalker. The numbers of wolves is not that important when you have a rifle. Interloper (and thus sleepwalkers and deadmen) is the only mode in which you're defenseless until you earn the right to be the hunter.

Thing is, in Stalker the wolves are coming in packs, 2 or 3 at a time (this run, up to 7 attacks in a row in Milton 'cause I was 2-bars smelly, and I've seen 6 roaming at the river entry of the Mysterious Lake). Can't tell the number of times I've killed one just before having a second jumping in my face, even had one charging from behind while I was trying to scare the first one with a torch. And you should try to hit a charging wolf with the gun, really (at low skill the bears will just eat it and spit the bullet in your face while mauling). I don't try anymore. I could do like with the arc, bait and kill, but what's the point of a gun then ? And, mainly, how many ammos do you need to scare or kill all the wolves, spawning every two days ? I end up not using it anymore, except for fun (can I hit a wolf I barely see ?).
Yeah, you may feel protected with a rifle but to survive you have to avoid the danger or have a huge amount of shots at your disposal, as with arrows.

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@BareSkin Do you want me to continue the current voyager challenge then since none seem impressed by my distinct lack of suffering? :D

To me Loper is characterized by cold and starting without the bedroll (secondly matches, but matches are easier to find).

I'd have to agree with LkP. Recently I've been considering not carrying the rifle entirely since it's 4kg heavy. It's like 2 heavy hammers. It gives you an illusion of being safe, but so far I've had success using the rifle only in the event when I was the aggressor and snuck up on non-moving or unaware target, but hitting a moving target, especially if the wolf surprises you from a nearby snowdrift and you don't even know the direction to shoot, for me personally is next to impossible. They tend to zig-zag, hide behind obstacles  and close distance very rapidly, while even at lvl 4 rifle skill the gun still wavers too much. On voyager, however, a missed shot very often frightens the wolf off, I'd say 70% success but if not it will prompt him to attack you. Suppose a rifle shot saves you a match from starting a fire if the wolf corners you. So far I had the best luck with wolf encounters simply running for it unless I'm dragging too much weight, not shooting myself out.

From what I'm witnessing on that Stalker run video is that your chances are low fighting off a pack with a rifle. Stalker is more of a preparation for Loper where you need to learn how to avoid, but you have more resources and more warmth to maneuver around a bunch of wolves. Your odds are not high on voyager too if you agro a pack. There is a pack of wolves at the Maintenance Yard at the Broken Railroad on voyager. My survivor got gang banged by them, they ate my rifle and spat it out before chewing me up.

A few more of my piraty logs.

Day 12


- Harvested shoes since it's still a bit dark out. Poop, forgot to drink prior, lost health for nothing.

- Outside travelled higher ground since these waters run dangerous. Ended up in the logging area where the yellow wagon is.

- Tried encouraging the deer to run ahead of me as I approached a huge metal facility, but the scoundrel ran off in a wrong direction leaving me visible to a persistent land shark guarding the territory.

- Arrr! Nobody messes with me when I have a musket! Let them have two rounds and sent them yellow bellied chicken on the run! Arr!!

- Achievement Unlocked - Don't Starve! Hardy Har! So far so good!

- Yar! A green mask that makes me look a sea monster! Hardy Har! I'll be repairing that to become the scourge of these waters!

- The elbow long ski gauntlets better than my gloves. Repair them too before buckling down for the night. Checking the other hermit hut is too risky due to the land shark.

Day 13

- Can't let the blighted land shark see me leaving. Crouched and stealthed towards the Ravine.

- From the following metal tracks until I see a chain of upturned red wagons.

- Since the landslide got them I cross a river taking two seaweed but leaving the rest since I'm passing through.

- A tree bridge leads me to the other side of the landslide where I spot another cave.

- This antiseptic bottle weights too much. Gathered beards and made a better wound bandage.

- Built fire at the cave to dry clothes and stayed the night.


Day 14


- Both cold and foggy. Boiled some tea and water before heading out. A long road ahead.

- That is a mighty bridge I must cross! I bet if you fall you'll get right through to Davy Jones' Locker.

- At last the Ravine ended and I enter the Coastal zone that gladdens me heart.

- I can smell the salt from the distance, so, I instantly turned downhill and travelled along the frozen creek to the rabbits grove where lay another hatchet.

- Sea devil take this fog, it's everywhere. Chopped up a cedar limb to make fire.

- Wanted to set a snare and realised I forgot it next to the cave at the Ravine where I spent the night.

- Since no better shall be had, I dropped anchor.


Day 15


- Keep going downstream until I spot lots of tables and another hatchet which I grab.

- This clearing has sings of bears, but no bears are seen. I'll proceed deeper into the forest to scout the territory. This seems like an opportune moment.

- My sea worthy bones hum signing a storm in the making. I shouldn't be caught unaware in this weather.

- When a small cabin comes in sight, I set sail directly for it. I've seen no such cabin before.

- A blue box offers most welcome water that's running a notch too low.

- Broke up a few items and organised when the wind outside stopped beating against the walls.

- Since the weather turned for the better sailed downhill where me blood's callin' me.

- Lo and Behold! Even if bound in solid shackles before me lays grey sea!

- I check the boats ashore. They look sea worthy if only the coast wasn't so frozen solid.  

- The sharks are howling mournfully scattered across the ice. Perhaps they miss warm waters too.

- There be a small fishing village by the docks. I pick a corner house close to a fishing cabin to make another stash. This might be the right harbour to stop at.

- It might be worth looking around more. Followed the fairway to a green carriage where another book on field dressing was. I suppose I could use that too if it has pictures.

- Nearly bump into a land shark not far from the carriage and hurried to cross the fairway and go upstream.

- The fairway led me to another hermit hut.

- I had strange dreams at night that a metal bird crossed the sky and in a burst of flames crashed atop of the tallest mountain. It is a strange call I am hearing like I need to sail that way. Perhaps from the taller peak I will see my ship the crew of which betrayed me so. Maybe the Capt'n will chance his mind and come back for me.

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6 hours ago, tulkawen said:

@BareSkin Do you want me to continue the current voyager challenge then since none seem impressed by my distinct lack of suffering? :D

Really, it's a game, do whatever gets you the most fun. If you need more challenge to have more fun, go for it :). Sorry to have underestimated you, that was absolutely not my goal!

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4 hours ago, BareSkin said:

Really, it's a game, do whatever gets you the most fun. If you need more challenge to have more fun, go for it :). Sorry to have underestimated you, that was absolutely not my goal!

:D I'm kind of hanging in between worlds. You didn't give me Loper because it's unrealistic for me to achieve it, while voyager I can do but it's rather easy and I don't like the Stalker setting.

What I might do is go full custom such as very low loot setting, but set temp a bit higher than Loper and wolf intensity not as high.

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Just, if you don't want to end up "exploiting" starvation, I'd recommend a sleepwalking flavor. Even in sleepwalking you're encouraged to sleep long stretches, as every "sleeping" will actually make you loose 1h of awake healing.

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On 3/7/2019 at 7:46 PM, BareSkin said:

If you really want to start the Interloper version and get the "Proudly Arrogant" diploma, this is Sleepwalker level 0, the code is 8MDM-qj4P-KxuD-iaGO-7gAA

*smack fist on the table*

I won't live 100 days, but I'll TAKE IT! :hatchet:

Same conditions as described before. :D

Ready? Set? Wolf lunch! Er I mean LAUNCH!!!!!

Proudly Arrogant!



Day 1


- Crash landed at the crash landing site right by the cave. Funzie since that's the first time I've had this location.

- Contrary to my hopes of looting the spot and then napping in the cozy area, there were no matches.

- Found driving gloves, jerry can, a bandage and antiseptic along with a big pile of sticks and cedar logs before going up for the hand climb.

- Passed a deer, shame, with matches and hacksaw this would have been a grand spot to rest and eat because the cave has a bed.

- Got hypoth real soon due to strong wind and -20C when I was still checking containers near the yellow plane stuck in a tree where I found some cloth and metal pieces.

- Used the yellow wing fragment as a bridge to climb higher. Here came the tricky part with the bottleneck wolf.

- Saw the wolf from the distance and tried sneaking around him at the other side of the passage. He saw me of course and ran after me.

- I ran like crazy towards the lake right in the middle of a bunny herd. He did take the decoy, but he took the decoy right in front of the path that leads out of this circle.

- Checked for another way out but no cigar, can't climb up anywhere. Luckily, the wolf finished eating the rabbit and ran after another in a convenient direction, leaving me an open path to sprint towards another lake where I grabbed cattails.

- Ran and ran until I found a warm cave. It was +5C without a fire. Since I had 144 rosehips I began crafting them while warming up.

- The weather is doing very well only -8C, searched the radio tower and went down to Milton.

- No barkies prowling the town square. Used the opportunity to check the post office and one of the houses where wolves usually cluster.

- Yum, yum, toilet water. Still without the matches so the water is great. Also found a blue hoodie, yay, now I've got two.

- Grabbed mushrooms and some cattails behind the cluster of houses and climbed uphill to a small house which has a small bed on the floor.

- Warmed up and found more cloth. The moon was up when I peeked outside again. Grabbed three more mushrooms and went back inside this house.

- I still have 550cal in my stomach and toilet water. Ate 1 more cattail and slept 8h.


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@BareSkin I'm getting an impression that in Sleepwalker mode daytime recovery is higher than average game to compensate for the lack of it in sleep, which makes it a bit easier for Loper. Maybe I'm just lucky this run, but it seems to be the starting temperature is a bit higher than average too. Providing I don't kick the bucket though we'll see how much it drops overtime. It's exciting to try your mode out. :)

Day 2


- Began searching Milton for stuff. Hearing a few wolf howls very far away. Sounds good to me.

- It's super cold and windy -40C got hypoth just by running door to door.

- A very useful robber had a prybar for me at the credit union, credit for him.

- Found a vest, sports socks, jeans, another pair of blue undies which I repaired along with my current ones and trail boots.

- Almost bumped into a single wolf in the middle of the town. He didn't see me though since I ducked and continued prying the trunk open of the nearest car.

- Repaired jeans and hoodie. It's a good thing I've got two sewing kits.

- Are cattails for dinner since I'm still searching for a can opener and slept.


Day 3


- Went for the gas station. No wolves there. Grand! Thank and you.

- Went to the open office too. Scoooore!!!! Nice and comfy, a lifesaving bedroll! My precious!

- It got really warm just -5C used the opportunity to visit a blue school bus and the arch. Got another prybar.

- Got back to the mansion and repaired more clothes then tore up dress shoes since I found another pair of trail boots too at 80%

- Got poisoned by sardines while getting ready for bed.

- Got the stove going in a second try to prepare mushroom tea. I need to be prudent with matches. I only have a box of 12 and now 10 left.

- Set up 5 pots on the 6 slot stove and boiled water, slept 2h twice while water boiled in 3 big pots because fatigue was hammering me in addition to poison.

- Made torches.

- Then cooked more mushroom and rosehips tea before sleeping 6 hours.

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Day 4


- Woke up not fully rested but cured of poisoning.

- Hoove it to Church and from there to trailer.

- It shines and it hacksaws! Cleared out a metal door to warm up.

- A box filled with matches is a nice boon.

- Went to the cave connected to the Hushed River, grabbed coal and made exit.

- Gathered cattails by Cloudfalls. Will not advance into this map any further although it likely has matches.

- With the increasing fatigue went back to the trailer.


Day 5


- I’d like to sneak past the wolf and head for the big bear bridge, heartbreak I think.

- Followed a hidden path that goes to the river under the bridge where a deer is.

- Started a fire to harvest this deer and went up the bank nearly bumping into the bear.

-The bear roared which made me drop the guts and run for it so I ended up behind the bridge with the bear on the other side.

- Checked the farthest car and found a maple leaf hat.

- Went for the cave that connects to the plane crash site.

- In the cave found a dead wolf and skinned him.

- Slept on the other end of the cave.


Day 6


- Meh I don’t want parasite meat, left it behind and skipped down some dangerous rocks to the small lake where the plane guard wolf hangs out.

- It seems the wolf didn’t finish his dinner because there is a deer. Started a fire after dropping the guts far down the path. I hope the fire will scare the wolf away though he tends to be nearby.

- The wind picked up so I had to abandon taking the last gut since the fire got blown out, wolf danger and cold.

- Followed a path towards the radio tower where a small cave is that turned out in plus temperatures. Crafted stacks of rose and mushrooms while warming up.

- Proceeded to the radio tower and found a hook in a very big log box.

- Then went to Milton thinking there might be another deer around the farm area where the river is. It wasn’t.

- Began searching the farm for the key while keeping an eye out for wolves. One was very much near so I had to keep crouching and moving slowly.

- No key in the tractor, had to get cuddle close to the wolf to check the blue truck, also in vain.

- Ran around the farmhouse and found the owner with key in his pocket.

- Was more than happy to finally enter the farmhouse and to find a storm lantern.

- The wardrobes had another maple hat for me, a blue hoodie but I already have two and a second sports vest, sadly these can’t be doubled and go only into the inner jacket slot.

- Work boots are the best boots found so far. Tore up the trail ones to have leather for repair.

- It’s time to sleep.


Day 7


- Nuts, failed to repair my work boots.

- Went to check whether the deer may have appeared by the river and ended up climbing all the way down to the ravine since the weather is rather warm -6C

- Made a stop at the cave in between two ropes to warm up.

- Kept walking past the ravine wolf gathering everything and ended up reaching an entry to the muskeg.

- It’s getting dark and fatigue is big time starting to hammer me. Not seeing any good shelter.

- Eventually spotted an open cave like an arch with a backpack and fire. Tucked my fire into the most windproof corner and placed a bedroll behind it so there is a fire wall between me and the open entrance, though, I don’t think there are wolves on this plateau.

- Dropped the coal in for sure. This night will be cold and I’m basically outside, but it is a very good outside shelter.

- The blizzard rolled overnight. It’s a good thing I have enough firewood. The fire stayed sheltered from the wind. I do believe I’ve received a very nice outdoors bonus against cabin fever.


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Day 8


- Passed a deer close to the ravine entrance last evening. Returned to it in the morning and started a fire to grab the meat and hide. Left guts behind to avoid attracting the wolf.

- Reached a ruined building that has a stove while carrying a torch and started a fire there too. 

- Gathered everything around the lake after warming up and returning to the stove for warmth occasionally while the water boiled.

- The sky is turning green. I’m suspecting aurora.

- Walked across the lake to a cave where I’ll stay the night.

- After dropping firewood went out for a while longer to grab cattails behind the cave along the river.

- It got snowy and dark grey prompting me to return.

- Slept 3h without the fire. It’s gradually getting colder towards the morning and aurora finally begins to sing.


Day 9


- Woke up 2h before dawn with -6C in the cave. Slight dent in the warmth bar.

- I can start a fire but I don’t want to use a match or try to leave right now.

- After some hesitation packed up and went for it.

- Two wolves in the distance glow spookily green as they cross the lake. I believe they do sense me far off and turn my way, but they are too far to be a significant threat. I outpace them going into the opposite direction towards the rope.

- It’s cold and the walk is fairly far. I end up with hypoth at my heels when I reach the first rope.

- I must build fire in the cave after all. Slept 3h to deal with the fatigue as well.

- Another rope to climb. Stamina is dropping faster than I thought. Hit overweight close to the top but managed to pull myself over the edge.

- Dark coffee and began walking to Milton avoiding the wolf farm.

- Reached a street corner house and slept a bit more.

- Went back to the river to comb for more cattails eventually climbing the bank closer to the mansion. That’s the place to sleep.


Day 10


- Went out to grab deer pelt left at the corner house.

- Guts at 90% I want them cured before travelling to the trailer

- Wanted to read in the blue truck but got chased by a wolf back into the mansion. It took them long enough to occupy the town.

- Read 1h of kitchen wilderness and heard a storm. Finished the entire book and got Lvl 2 cooking skill! Dumm deed umm! That’s my first improvement!

- Tore up a pair of trail boots. Will have to repair work boots soon.

- I have 100 cattails. Ate canned food though. I haven't found a can opener and the food is too heavy to drag down the ropes to another map and it might spoil. Sigh at calories losses.

- I haven't found the heavy hammer either. This selects the route for me. I will not go directly to Muskeg from the ravine beside the farmhouse. I will be going to the Mystery Lake though I'm nervous about a wolf down the rope.


Day 11


- Spent a lot of time sneaking past barky to the bridge. Lost half warmth bar just due to this sneaking before getting onto the bridge.

- Moderate snowfall turned into a heavy curtain when I got to the other side. Luckily, the church isn't far and it's hard to get lost following a big road. Hypoth dented my health just a little bit.

- Repaired work boots at the Church. Once piece of leather got them to 100% from 53% that's great as I'm short on leather.

- I also have driving gloves at 33% that require constant maintenance too and with leather. I'm bringing two cured guts to build snares. I hope the bunnies will get caught to make bunny gloves.

- Crafter huge piles of rosehips and mushrooms until the wind subsided and advanced to the trailer for the night.


Day 12


- Checked snares in the morning. One empty, the other completely ruined and also empty.

- I had hoped to catch bunnies for gloves and more guts since I'm short of guts. I remember dropping two guts by the bridge when I ran from the bear. I wander if they're still there.

- Snuck past the wolf and spotted the bear in the middle of the bridge heading my way slowly.

- Found one gut and grabbed it quickly before running back. Don't want to attract the bear. The other gut is missing though I looked around maybe the bear had eaten it as decoy.

- Attracted that wolf instead but got away from him by sprinting towards the lake where the bunnies were. He re-targeted a bunny.

- Dropped the gut at the trailer to cure. It's at 32%. I hope it doesn't get ruined before curing.

- Since it's warm weather decided to take more risks and return to the bridge. I want to check all those bridge cars.

- Had to hide in the car in the middle of a bridge while the bear walked past. It was very uncomfortable getting out because he ended up behind me and the car only has visibility in front.

- Glad he wasn't there. Pried open the cars closer to his cave and got salty crackers along with a simple parka. That's grand! Now I have an item for an outer jacket slot.

- Topped the day by finding a box of matches in a blue truck. This is great, it's a third box.

- Slept in this truck 1h to remove too much fatigue and then ran to the trailer for the night in moderate snowfall and dusk.

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Day 13


- That's a mighty blizzard out there all night and morning. Repaired simple parka to 98%. farewell first sewing kit

- Cut up 2 metal shelves. Got to be careful with the hacksaw. No tools and 51%

- When the blizzard changed into moderate snowfall went out to check for dinner. My second rabbit snare got ruined too without a rabbit

- Checked the nearest lake for cattails then returned to the trailer.

- The weather is amazing +4C. Decided to return to Milton to boil water on 6 slot stove.

- Ended up walking behind the Church where I found first maple sapling and from there accidentally ended up at the farm instead of Milton.

- That's where I stayed for the night.


Day 14


- Another blizzard.

- Busted a bunch of chairs and stools while boiling water all day. Got 14L

- Too bad I only had 1 pot and 1 can or it would have been enough for my entire stay in Milton region.


Day 15


- Overweight due to water, evaded farm wolves and made it to Milton.

- The wolf hide cured along with birch saplings and one more gut. I hope the snare won't get ruined since I don't have many guts and there are no more deer around.

- The gloves are crumbling horribly. Went from 33% to 26% in something like a day. I have one more piece of leather which I rather save for the boots.

- Too foggy to travel. Wasted time tearing up junk.

- Managed to travel only by evening. Reached the Church, warmed up a bit, stepped out and got chased by barky right back to Church.

- Going to stay the night.


Day 16


- Lovely blizzard. Busted a stool and cardboard then wasted time on literally nothing. Where did I get a pack of cards anyway. It's like emergency landing during the end of the world, grab the most essential item. Forgot my pants though.

- Finally clear weather. Deer munch on stuff along the lake. Grabbed a couple of tails and climbed a hill to survey and did well on that.

- A pack of three wolves suddenly appeared from the direction where I need to go and encircled the church. Scaaaary.

- One began patrolling back and forth right in front of the rock where I was hiding.

- Got my masters rock climbing degree right there scaling the solid wall stealthily around him.

- hehehe He didn't see me. Went to the trailer.

- Found a gut that was curing ruined. booo

- Built a snare out of my last gut. If this snare gets ruined I will leave the area.

- Went out collecting sticks and placed the snare in hopefully a lucky spot. We'll see tomorrow if I get any luck with it.


Day 17


- All right! Here's my first bunny rabbit! Hope there is more tomorrow.


Day 18


- Another bunny rabbit.


Day 19


- A big day of boiling water and cooking about 20 teas for calories, and cooking bunny meat. Need food while crafting and bunny rabbits aren't in abundance. Cattails aren't eternal.

- Another bunny rabbit caught.

- Gloves at 15% the decay rate is way too fast.


Day 20


- Got another bunny, but for some reason after I grabbed the gut and meat, I took the pelt as well. It said that the pelt is completely ruined. I wander how it got ruined so fast.

- Although it's fairly cold today around -15C went out to gather firewood and also entered connected cave to HRV.

- Burned lantern oil to find coal and made exit on the other side for firewood.

- Warm evening -2C walked to a lake and spotted a deer on the bank. It's -6C now

- Sacrificed health to peel everything off and went back to the cave.

- Fatigue high, health dropping. Dropped meat outside, hide and guts inside. Slept at the cave on the HRV side.

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Day 21


- Grabbed my deer stuff and went through the cave to Milton area.

- Discovered another bunny rabbit in a trap. This is nice and makes me 3 lines stinky so wolves begin howling from all over the map.

- Sprinted to the trailer. Took off bunny hide and went inside to warm up while skinning.

- Hurray! Level 2 harvesting achieved!

- This is great. I finally have many hides and guts to get the production going.

- It's snowing heavily, the weather looks up to sneaky no good.

- Repaired undies and didn't venture far from the trailer.

- Yup weather up to no good. Repaired gloves after all with a grudge then slept.


Day 22


- Waited out a fairly cold morning.

- Collected a bunny and began searching for firewood.

- Went to HRV for sticks. Returned twice to the cave to warm up before venturing out again.

- Will need to cook my meat soon. Cattails are running low.

- Slept in a bedroll next to HRV entrance at the cave.


Day 23


- Too cold to search for food at HRV.

- Discovered my snare got ruined again on the way to the trailer.

- Started fire to cook all my meat and boil water.

- Repaired hat, socks and jeans. Got Mending LvL 2! Wooohooo!

- Doh. Forgot to add more fuel and fire stopped. I could have boiled 2 or 4 more L. At least I cooked all the meat.

- Maybe I should go back to HRV entrance. Tried getting through the tunnel in the dark and fell at the turn. Twisted an ankle. I forgot to grab my rosehips tea too after drinking the portion set aside as food not medicine.

- Weather a bit finicky and got stormy by the end of the day. Limped back to the trailer.

- Everything is curing too slowly for my liking. Gloves are about to bite the dust again. I have no more leather.

- Ate deer meat and slept.


Day 24


- Went to Milton to recover food. The day started with -30C at least Church was not too far.

- Refuelled lantern, grabbed more cloth and of course collected about 25 teas, last can of beans and 36% salty crackers box.

- It got warmed on the way back. Picked up one last cattail from the lake near the Church and hurried to get away from that dangerous spot.

- It's only -1C. Fatigue is about half. I think it might be worth going for it once I warm up at the trailer.

- Crossed the cave and went past Cloudfalls towards the Stairsteps Lake.

- Not as many cattails as I had hoped.

- Wow! Another deer. Removed hide and meat after short hesitation. Not going to grab agro guts.

- Agroed a wolf nearby anyway. It's a far trip and my warmth bar is 4/5 down, I was going to run back anyway.

- Used my entire sprint. This has to be a pretty athletic wolf. Heard him breathing down my neck.

- Dropped decoy. That was a big chunk, I had 1.9kg. Decoy ended up half of it.

- The wolf swallowed it and left me alone quite happy. He better be.

- Fatigue, hypoth caught up to me. Getting late. Lost sprint right in front of the cave. I'm such a pudding brain. I keep forgetting I carry a cup of coffee for the exact occasions like these.

- In any case, the evening was extremely beautiful.

- Dropped my bedroll right inside the cave and slept a lot. I don't believe I'll risk anymore going to the HRV. I know it has matches and wolf hides, but oh it's so dangerous.


Day 25


- Went back to the trailer. It's a deceptive morning. So clam, the sky is covered in pale pink and a tinge of yellow, so bright and -27C if you look at the temp.

- A lot of good stuff cured while I want robbing wolves at Hushed River.

- Put 1h of work into my most awaited gloves and figured I have another gut for a snare.

- Built snare and went out to set it up.

- Came back to keep crafting my gloves. Just as well. It sounds cold.

- Stopped to make a fishing line since another gut cured. Instead of the sewing kit began using the fishing hook.

- When I finished the gloves a blizzard set in.

- Woohoo! From 0.1C bonus warmth to 2C bonus. Feeeeeel the difference!

- Going to sleep. Health is fairly good, but it's lingering around 80% after that experiment at HRV with the first deer. Hadn't hit 100% after.

- Noo! You dunderhead! Don't drink coffee before sleep! lol How did I click that by accident.

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@BareSkin I forgot to ask, is Summit also a requirement for Sleepwalker Loper challenge or the summit was made for me personally? :D


Day 26


- The snare was productive and yielded a rabbit. A bit bummed though because the gut ruined while I was skinning it. At least I have the pelt. I need one more to begin the hat.

- Feeling a bit sad since I used the last match from my first box to start fire.

- While water boiled repaired blue hoodie.

- Hurray! First LvL 3 skill. After making a stack of teas got a cooking level up.

- Might as well spend the day making water and cooking deer and rabbit meat since everything else is still curing.

- I am short on guts as well to make deer skin pants and boots.

- The wolves either started howl twitter or they bemoan still haven't eaten me. Hearing multiple mournful howls from every direction every five mins.


Day 27


- Put a couple of hours into crafting deer pants as soon as one more gut cured.


Day 28


- Snare empty.

- Used a piece of metal for hooks and created one more fishing tackle.

- Used fishing tackle to craft deerskin pants until it hit 14%

- The first fishing tackle is at 11% Going to save both for fishing and move on with my last sewing kit.


Day 29


- The snare is ruined. There was a blizzard last night. I'm suspecting blizzards can destroy snares.

- This is going to be weird. I'm going to use a gut currently in pants production to build another snare and then wait for the currently curing gut to be done to finish pants.

- The food situation is going to become a problem in the future.


Day 30


- Snare empty.

- Thought I might scare a deer into a wolf. There were no deer at the lake all day long.

- Sky turning green. Aurora coming.


Day 31


- Um... what happened last night? I slept 10h and fatigue bar said I have about 2 more before I'm fully rested. It was still dark, so I wanted to sleep 2h but for some reason clicked 10. How did it let me sleep 10 when I could have slept two more max?

- Ugh Blizzard. Waste time and calories. Reverse cycling. Not tired at all by night.


Day 32


- No deer at either lake.

- Snare empty.

- Finished teas set aside for eating.

- Gut finally cured. Finished crafting deerskin pants.

- Ate cattails. Two left. Slept.


Day 33


- Picked up my snare and all my things. They're around 37kg. Walking slow.

- At the church got chased by a wolf. I'm being foolish and carrying a chunk of rabbit meat. Don't want to use a match for 500 piece only but don't want to drop it either due to low food.

- Crawled to Milton mansion and slept 1h. Then gathered stuff. It's over 45kg.

- Picked up half of the stuff. There is a wolf patrolling back and forth on the way out of Milton. Snuck past him and walked all the way to the office.

- Climbed the rope since weather allows.

- Another wolf in between ropes area is far away. Carried all my stuff all the way to a small cave and slept 2h.

- Placed small items like feathers into a backpack and dropped large items like hacksaw on the floor.

- The wolf chased me as I exited the cave. Since I'm not at 10kg ran from him past a rabbit. He re-directed to the rabbit.

- Waited at the rope a bit to recover stamina and set a bunny snare. Then went up.

- The sky is going green. Aurora is coming.

- Reached the Mansion by nightfall. Ate salty crackers and slept.

Edited by tulkawen

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On 3/24/2019 at 5:23 PM, tulkawen said:

Sleepwalker mode daytime recovery is higher than average game to compensate for the lack of it in sleep, which makes it a bit easier for Loper.

Only in Sleepwalker level 0 (yours), it's supposed to be 4 times higher than regular Interloper.

10 minutes ago, tulkawen said:

I forgot to ask, is Summit also a requirement for Sleepwalker Loper challenge or the summit was made for me personally?

Nah, the challenge is only "Survive until Spring" (100 days). I added the Summit for your Voyager-sleepwlaker to make it a bit harder :D

12 minutes ago, tulkawen said:

The snare is ruined. There was a blizzard last night. I'm suspecting blizzards can destroy snares

It's still a bit of a mystery even to me, I get this is a mix of things: not only weather, not only number of uses.

13 minutes ago, tulkawen said:

The food situation is going to become a problem in the future

This is the first turning point of this mode. The second one arrive at day 55.


Sorry for not answering sooner, I just read this back from when the forums closed. I think and hope you enjoy playing sleepwalking. It might sound easy for now, but you can't be sure you've won the challenge for sure before day 60-70. I'm enjoying this read!

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21 minutes ago, BareSkin said:

Nah, the challenge is only "Survive until Spring" (100 days). I added the Summit for your Voyager-sleepwlaker to make it a bit harder

Welcome back! :) I've also seen forums go down for a few days. The players are gradually returning to it.

I am highly conflicted about this. I feel that if I buckle down at Mystery Lake at this point I might have a chance since I feel my start has been good (and it's rare for me to survive a month). Going to Summit is obvious danger, especially since you're mysteriously talking about the dooms day 55 and I'm getting closer to it. Probably a bad idea to be caught by it at the Summit. :D At the same time since it was a part of original challenge there is the internal nagging to go for it.

I'm glad there is higher day recovery since we don't heal at night.

Day 34


- Woke up a bit before dawn. Gathered the rest and went out. The night is beautiful. Full stars and a large moon in the sky.

- Also -37C and the wolf isn't too lazy to be out. He cut me off from the last corner building leaving me to sprint all the way to the gas station car.

- His eyes glowed green when he turned around and began trotting away from the car after I hid from him.

- Entered gas station and slept 1h. Taking beating from hypoth and lack of eating.

- Went to the office. It's -32C. Ate half of the box of salty crackers. That's my last civilized food item. Slept at the office to warm up.

- Down the rope I go. Come on that snare was out all night. It could have caught something. Walked past it. I'll give it more time.

- I'm not seeing the wolf. It's good to gather my stuff and move as soon as I warm up.

- Ate a mouldy chocolate car found at the cave and rejoiced at a box of matches.

- Climbed the rope and went to the rainbow waterfall. Picked up some cattails along the river and ate a couple.

- Entered a cave grabbing coal as I went and warmed up. Finished off my last crackers. I really need to start fixing my health.

- Hello Mystery Lake!

- Trappers cabin has another hacksaw for me but still no hammer.

- I spotted a deer in a barn, hurry, hurray. Still have enough daylight.

- Broke a crate for fire and found a sewing kit under. Yay. Also one cloth on a shelf.

- Drank summit soda found on a shelf and ate cattail before venturing out.

- Harvested another deer. Right before the sun completely vanished made it back to the cabin in a brown snowy evening.

- Ate almost all of the deer meat and slept.

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The only thing sure about doomday 55 is that nothing will happen to you if you're on the Summit. Plus extra flavour for becoming a bettter survival than me! Never made it to the top of the world on any mode harder than Interloper. Didn't try actually, that'd be a bit suicidal, but other did with success.

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@BareSkin I suspect world wide wolf invasion. :D I also got back form vacation where there was no ice once so ever. 😎


Day 35


- Started by repairing my hat and then slept another hour since I'll be rope climbing.

- Got through the cave and down the rope. No sign of wolfie. Oh goody.

- Slept 1h to get warm and then checked my snare. Seriously, it's right in the middle of a bunny pack for two days. Nothing? Stingy.

- Grabbed mushrooms and rosehips. It's -6C and not much wind.

- Repaired wool socks at the cave.

- Gathered the rest of my possessions and went for the rope.

- The climb was difficult. Hit overweight at the top but managed.

- Collected remaining cattails along the river and entered transition cave.

- On the other side built fire inside the barn where the deer was and cooked the unfortunate rabbit I dragged for miles through two maps and many ropes. Crafted and cooked all teas as well.

- It's dark and snowing. Highly fatigued dragged my feet to the homestead. It's windows were white.

- Set a snare behind the house and went in to sleep the night.


Day 36


- Cold and windy. Read kitchen wilderness found in the homestead for an hour and repaired socks.

- Not sure exactly which way I'm heading. Went approximately in the deadfall direction, most likely aiming for the cabin.

- No wolf guarding the ruins and they're empty. Satisfied with a couple of mushroom stumps.

- Already have hypoth. Went for the tracks and almost bumped into a wolf. At least his butt was towards me. Gave him a wide berth and leapt down some rocks onto the tracks from the other side.

- Entered the lake cabin.  

- No hammer here. Found some food and got poisoned by eating 19% jerky. I've been warned fair and square by the word jerk.

- Whelp, since I'm already poisoned, chomp 18% soup as well, 28% choc bar and 39% beans before sleeping 10h.

- At least now I have lots of calories.


Day 37


- So pretty! Aurora lighting the sky. Not tired at all. Maybe 2h before sunrise.

- I can see far across the ice, since no green wolf mugs glow, walked to the first fishing cabin and from there tried collecting cattails around the lake island.

- Curving around the isle bumped into a wolf. He does see me and runs after me until I get to the corner cabin. He's not very into it because he suddenly goes meh and walks away.

- I'm already catching hypoth. I did bring a lot of firewood and coal on purpose for fishing and I have two tackles.

- Goooo fishing! Fire up the stove since it's freezing. The aurora light blinked out and it got dark with moderate snowfall.

- Wow! I love it! I caught several fish and even one bass. Cooked the bass and ate it.

- Started another fire next to the hut to cook all the fish. The rest of the fish is small if I got 1h fishing while it cooks it would burn so I need to wait it out.

- Cooked everything plus a bit of water. Also found tomato soup in a drawer and a sewing kit.

- I'm going to leave the fish on the ice and then walk to the houses along the shore.

- It's fairly cold. Got bordering hypoth not far from the fist row and had to stop due to a wolf circling very close to these houses. He does go away over the hill so I spring inside.

- Got summit soda and broke a crate. The fatigue is slightly lowering my weight but it's not late yet though fair past afternoon.

- I seriously hope that wolf rubbing against these houses doesn't eat me. It would be a shame to get eaten when I have so many nice fishes.

- Crawled away from this area towards the other pack of houses. Wolves sure seem vigilant with the central hut.

- Found peaches and summit soda and kept going. Had to crawl around some rocks to get away from central wolves before they saw me.

- Got to the bear corner cabin. Hey, there's no bear around. Checked the fishing cabin and the shore for cattails. It's warm at -2C

- I'm very tired and it's a bit too early for sleep. Drank summit soda and slept an hour at the bear house to remove fatigue.

- Hey, I think the central hut isn't guarded. Hurried to it and checked just in time to grab frozen angular before the wolves trotted back on guard.

- Grabbed tails around the central isle and headed for the main cabin. It's late and I am fully fatigued. Reached the corner hut and ate a fish off the ice and picked up one. Hopefully one cooked fish won't agro wolves.

- Crawled very tired to the main lake cabin just before darkness.

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