Cabin fever surprise!

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Hello all!  I bet you have a memory like this~

After playing the Redux and taking a 16-day pilgrim run to the top of the mountain and back, I decided to pick up my old, most successful pre-vigalant flame voyage run.  I was about 50ish days in when I took a break.  I thought I now knew enough (and practiced with the bow enough) to really make a run of it.

I returned to discover I had the wrong clothing for my treasure-seeking excursion I had set off to before my hiatus to Pleasant Valley.  

Nevertheless, I thought it might be a good time to practice my bow-hunting and pushed on to the barn for the arrows and gear.  Maybe find a cook pot. Then a blizzard...

...Now I am at 30% cabin fever risk with much of my gear and firewood back in my coastal highway retreat.  Ha ha, oh well.  I knew the risk existed I just hadn’t seen it yet.  This one is gonna be brutal I can already tell.

I (narrowly) avoided the Bear that came by the barn for breakfast and am now planning my best move.  Just goes to show you how this game can still take me to school.

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Wait out the storm and book out for the farmhouse when the weather breaks. If it's night, wait until mid-morning, then go hit it. You'll want to make good time. Tons'o'cloth at the farmhouse so you can get your clothing up to helping you the most, and if you've not been there you'll probably find some upgrades. Then you can look at heading back to CH to re-gear yourself. 

And yeah, I got chased out of DP not too long ago within days; I was heading over there on a mapping run. String of bad luck (moose plus bear, and then bear again, oh my!) and not realising I really needed a couple of key items to really be able to live there.

I finally found the good spot to poink at the moose from a safe location:


First time I met that guy was on the ice directly below me to do a mapping action at the bottom of the waterfall when a blizzard blew in. I built a quick fire in a nook out of the wind with some sticks to get my temperature up, and when it got close to the end I headed out onto the ice to walk around and climb up to go to the church when I heard a "bloof", followed by the galloping. In my head, I went "oh $h17" and tried to run, but there was nowhere to hide.

Fun fun fun. When I came to I was still in there and I just huddled in the back to give him enough time to move on. Blizzard was still blowing. When I finally got back to the church I was in rough rough shape.

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