lost my save progress?

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This morning i was playing my survival/interloper (around day 560) game in offline mode.  Later, i went online, started the the game up and it asked me something I never seen before...two download game files from steam cloud or upload (i really cant remember exactly what it asked) but it was something like that.  I chose download.  I "resumed" my game and it brought me to an October 21 save point.  Did i just lose all my progress ?

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12 hours ago, Nactue said:

Did i just lose all my progress ?

Welcome to the forum @Nactue.

Likely yes, you may have overwritten a local save file with an older Steam Cloud save file.

While the permadeath feature of TLD is a bit unique, the Steam Cloud interface is standard.

  • When you play "offline", each game-save is written to the local PC files.
  • When you then reconnect with your Steam account; the Steam server will see that the local PC file is newer.
  • When this occurs Steam will prompt you with the sync ALERT message box.

Steam's alert message is asking if you want to sync by overwriting the files on the cloud server or on your local PC.
The popup message box should display the modified date of both save-files so you may choose the newest file.

The good news is that the Steam version of TLD is very stable and the Steam Cloud sync works extremely well.
The other good news is that you now understand that you must choose which file to keep and which file to overwrite.

(In general, overwrite is a term used to describe when new information replaces old information or data)

Edit: The resume button in the game menu loads the "top" game save file. Use the load game button to search all game saves.

Guess that was the long version, but I hope it helps you my friend. :coffee:

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