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  1. So, day 3 and i die due to a wolf entering the hunter stand I was in (which brought me to half health) and then another wolf attacking me with a lit torch as I was leaving. Is it just Aurora wolves that can do this ?
  2. I thought there'd be some dramatic ending where she'd come and save me after being surrounded by a large pack of her own peril. Or even better, for her to hunt me with her bow and arrows as I try to reach pleasant mills or w/e it's called.
  3. This morning i was playing my survival/interloper (around day 560) game in offline mode. Later, i went online, started the the game up and it asked me something I never seen before...two download game files from steam cloud or upload (i really cant remember exactly what it asked) but it was something like that. I chose download. I "resumed" my game and it brought me to an October 21 save point. Did i just lose all my progress ?