What can you do with hide/pelt/gut?


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Harvesting hide from deer or wolf get you leather. Leather can be used to repair shoes/ boots and in the future it will probably be possible to craft with it.

Harvesting hide from a rabbit will get you pelt. It can't be used for anything ATM, but will likely be used for crafting in future releases.

Gut can indeed be used for snares, but is also the best decoy for when a wolf is following you. Use '4' to drop a decoy. I actually always forget this option until after I've been attacked... Then I think, I should have used a decoy.

Deer: meat, leather and gut

Wolf: meat and leather

Rabbit: meat and pelt

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It's not possible to choose what gets dropped. The game automatically chooses for you but it will always chose the item that has the best chance of distracting the wolf. Guts should be the no. 1 item to get dropped, followed by raw meat. If you don't have anything better, even canned food can get dropped. Not sure what happens if you don't have any gut or food.

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They'll always take cooked meat over raw. Cooked smells better, tastes better and is easier to eat, which is why we cook meat in the first place. Wolves would do it too if they had hands and knew ho to do it.

Even if a wolf never smelled cooked meat before, there's no way he'd not realize that it's edible and in fact very good.

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I'm new (first game yesterday), but I learned a lot. Covered most of the Mystery Lake region, then headed to the highway region, now at Day 21, I'm returning to Mystery Lake to make up for being a newbie my first time there. ;) But I can answer this one.

In the last update, this was added:

* Added new Craftable clothing items: Rabbitskin Mitts, Deerskins Boots, Wolfskin Coat
When you take a rabbit hide/pelt, or deer hide, or wolf hide, it is possible to eventually turn them into some very warm clothing. This should be one of your goals, as it provides good warmth security even in the extreme blizzard conditions.

Once you have the pelts, you need to find a workbench to allow crafting. You will need a few of each type of hide/pelt, and some guts for stringing it all together. For the rabbitskin mitts, you'll need 4 pelts. I forget how many of the others (4 as well?). I think it was 2 guts for the mitts. They weigh a lot, even after crafting. So there's a balance there between being warm and being able to carry things even after you've crafted them and worn them.

On the coastal highway map, there is a crafting table (two actually) in the gas station garage building. I used it as my base while I was making these fur clothes, storing most items in the garage while I gathered the pelts, although you need to be careful with wolves in the town. I made my "good" fur clothing and left the town, heading back to Mystery Lake, better prepared.

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