PC Gamer - Why The Apocalypse Doesn't Need Zombies

Bill Tarling

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PC Gamer - (April 18, 2014)

The Long Dark Creative Director Explains Why The Apocalypse Doesn't Need Zombies

"I ask him for a typical example of how it can go wrong in survival mode, and he tells me a story about trying to make a nighttime dash from a lookout tower to a supply cache. As the sun set, and the weather began to close in, he began to hear animals in the trees."

PERSONAL NOTE: Holy [censored] -- the new pics look absolutely incredible! We're getting our first glimpses of travel routes and terrain. I also love Raph's description of one of his playing tests -- the game holds a lot of unexpected in-game challenges [while playing] even when the developers play through. That says a lot about how unique a gameplay environment is being created. :o

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