#256: Issue with opened up canned food


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Hi there,

I am not completely sure, that this is a 152 issue but it never happened to me before. I opened a can of dogfood (hmmmm -dogfood! ;) ) but didn't finish it. When I ate the rest later I had to use the can opener again although the item was marked as "opened".

This is just a minor problem but I thought it should be mentioned.

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I didn't verify it twice but when you open up a canned food (in my case condensed milk) and by having leftovers because you are full. (in my case 0.1kg remaining) I foraged for wood for an hour and then I was requested to open it up again.

I hope that my point is clear.

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Pretty much the topic. If you open a can of food it gets a new name indicating it has been opened, but this goes away if you zone (like leaving or entering a building).

To replicate this bug just eat a can of food when you won't be able to eat all the calories, so that you keep the item in your inventory. Then exit or enter a building and the can will need to be opened again, wasting tool durability.

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I began an encumbered trek from the Trappers Homestead to the Lake Cabins to help knock off a little weight I opted to make the journey with as full of a stomach as possible. While almost at max Calories I opened a can of pork and beans and ate all but like 84 calories worth, I noticed the can was marked as Pork & Beans(Opened). Which was kinda cool.

Anyway made my trek towards the Lake Office I got to the top of a hill near the rail road tracks. I started to fiddle around in my inventory to drink some water, and during the actually drinking a wolf aggroed on me and I had to fight and kill it. opened menu again to do the first aid and then sprinted to the Lake Office.

Once I got in the Office I dropped a lot of the weight I was carrying, I was about to bed down to heal when i remember the can of beans when i opened my menu the status of Opened was missing from the can, it still had 84 calories left in it. and when i clicked on it to eat it I had to use the can opened to open it again. do to the chain of events im not certain which action may have resealed the can in my inventory.

Drinking water

Being attacked by a Wolf

Treating myself with first aide

Entering the camp office

dropping gear in the camp office

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