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  1. They would need to happen together.
  2. I figure in rural canada a shotgun would not be out of place, nor would a revolver. The Model 10 S&W it was the side arm of the Royal Canadian Mount Police for about 40 years
  3. I'm in favor of a Shotgun being added to the game but preferably a double barrel either a side-by-side or and overunder. But with a shot gun im also in favor of having different shell types. Slugs, Buckshot and birdshot... and for giggles they could be color coded: Green, Red and Black respectively(Remington Green, Winchester Red, and Federal Black ) That said with a couple of pipes and a few fittings its easy to make a single shot zip gun. But... and this is a huge but... I dont think you should be able to make one right out of the gate. Maybe crafting certain items need to be locked behind a crafting skill. Like you gotta make those Rabbit Traps and Fish hooks before your confident enough to make an improvised Shotgun
  4. There is room on the map for a region to exist north of Desolation Point and East of Timberwolf mountain. It would be the ideal location for a town in ruins. Since you could have the railroads that disappears into the mountains around the Coastal Highway to reemerge. Better yet have it be a town that has been hit by a tidal wave or has even slid partially under the waves... like there would be just the roofs of some houses sticking up above the ice... some of the few places you can seek shelter include the steeple of a submerged church or the second story of a house whos flooded downstairs can act as an icefishing hole
  5. fact early betas of the game have day night cycles consistent with real life time frames and it turns out having sunlight for only six hours a day was a whole lot of not fun.
  6. The Farmhouse in Pleasant Valley is the same way. Where Chimney pops out of the roof doesn't match where the fireplace is inside. Further there are windows missing on the inside that exist outside
  7. I wish they would change how coal, fire and the forge works. adding coal(after waiting for the allotted required to add coal ) to any fire raises the temperature to as high as 80C (which is 176F) Id rather when using coal in a stove or camp fire that it just burns longer and just a little hotter than wood does. For Forging purposes I think they should add a bellows to the forge, its an extra step but it could be part of a mini game to manage fuel, forging and heat levels. which brings me to the point of how heat just drops off once the fire runs out of fuel. i wish heat would taper off as fuel runs out. coarse if that was in the system then it could effect things like cooking. Like was that fire hot enough to kill any parasites?
  8. We will never see "Patt's Gold Medal Canada's finest cheap crappy beer "
  9. although you can get Green Hell, its survival in the Amazon rainforest so instead of dying from the cold and wolves your dying from not being able to find potable water and jaguars...
  10. A region North of Broken Rails, featuring the.... Great Bear Island Adventures Center, take the path north and experience rock climbing and breath taking vistas Hush River Valley or Is it the Thrill of the Hunt that you seek, take the road south to the Mystery Lake Lodge(Overlook Lodge would be better as not to confuse with the Mystery Lake Region, but what do I know) and stalk Moose or the ever elusive black bear. Or do you want to hit the slopes? We family packages available to the Great Bear Ski Lodge, just Take the Ski lift up to the top!(caus' a lot of wolves have moved into the valley below, like a crazy amount... way more than the usual numbers)
  11. I think it would have been safer to strip down first before going through the waterfall, and then dressing back up and doing to sleep
  12. or turning those extra pelts to into regular leather so you can fix your combat boots, but then again there are a couple of items that could benefit from having an expanded use. I'd like to have the option to use a prybar when taking apart certain things. sort of like the right tool for the right job. like using a hatchet on that stack of pallets gets you 8 reclaimed wood, but using the prybar gets you 12. Toolboxes have become kinda useless too, they are only used to repair 3 or 4 items in game and unless your hitting the cargo pods in Timberwolf or your doing a super long run in stalker or on interloper how many times are you gonna need to repair that Hacksaw or that hammer? Maybe you should be able to use the Toolbox to pop locks on trunks and lockers , with maybe the cost difference should be only that it takes more time. or maybe use it as a portable bench to craft items with
  13. or have them add a small increase in starting a fire chance
  14. I think the Milton Basin is more interesting than the rest of Milton.
  15. well Pleasant valley the sun did set in the east, I suspect the valley will get updated when episode 3 hits, the Farmhouse needs a look at since the chimney pops out in the wrong place and then windows on the building dont make a lick of sense